Saturday, December 31, 2005


And not just any day, but the eve of a new day in a new year.

I stink at making resolutions. I never complete them. So, this year, I thought I would make a list of all the things I'm not going to do in 2006. Is it a shameless attempt to apply reverse psychology? Oh who knows! But it sure is better than making those stupid resolutions. :)

So, here goes ...
  1. I'm not going to fling my heart at anyone of the opposite sex ... anymore! Ever! Nope! This girl's heart is staying safely locked in an undisclosed location. If someone of the opposite sex wants it, they will need access to night vision goggles and a very sophisticated GPS system to find it! Rejection? WHO NEEDS IT!
  2. I'm not going to get organized. I can never find anything when I organize!
  3. I will try hard not to allow my personal spending in Starbucks to increase their stock values. I need to pinch those pennies!
  4. I will strive to reduce personal waste, and, as a result, I will not allow an unearthly number of "science projects" to accumulate in my fridge!
  5. I will no longer kiss my dog in public. I'm told it gives off the wrong vibe ... whatever!
  6. I will not allow nay-sayers to pooh on my parade! It's MY parade, after all!
  7. I will no longer live my life with regrets ... scars, bumps, bruises, scraps and scratches? Well, yes, maybe, but no regrets!
  8. I will no longer try to live with resolutions ... they are useless!

HAPPY 2006!

Friday, December 30, 2005


I'm not a patient person. Anyone who knows me even the least little bit would tell you it's true.

"Megan? Patient? HA!!! Yeah, right ... hey! Look!
I think I just saw a cow fly by!"

By nature, I'm a drive thru window kinda girl. Drive up to the speaker, place my order with the nice voice on the other end, drive to the window, and take my order, squealing my tires as I go. Please do not ask me to wait for anything.

In literature, the critical reader is asked to look for a character's fatal flaw ... that one piece in a person's DNA that causes them to fall and fall hard. If anyone reading my life story were asked to look for my fatal flaw, well, sadly, I think they would have no problem coming up with IMPATIENCE!

I suppose this is the exact reason why God tests us using our fatal flaws. I long ago gave up the immature argument that it was for His personal entertainment. No, I've matured enough in my faith to recognize that this is a refining process ... like a refiner's fire. He's the refiner, and He's desperately trying to redefine my fatal flaw.

Stupid thing is, I'm too stubborn to let it go. And this is really the bigger question ... why can't I let it go? Possibly, because I'm a control freak. Great! Another fatal flaw. Is it possible for the main character to have more than one fatal flaw?

It's a good thing that God's in control of this whole refining process. I'm so impatient, I would have given up on me ages ago!

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Another year is almost complete ... hardly seems possible. (I lightly pat myself to see if I'm intact.)

Yep! Everything important is here. Must be I've survived 2005 ...

My motto for the year should be ALIVE IN 2005 or maybe SURVIVED 2005!

Things I've learned in 2005:
  1. Unemployment is not for the faint of heart.
  2. You must find adventure. Adventure isn't going to come looking for you.
  3. Third graders are VERY insightful, and theyABSOLUTELY have the ability to rock their worlds!
  4. Putting yourself out there is a scary prospect.
  5. Offering your heart is an even scarier prospect ... and much more daring.
  6. Poison Oak DOES spread.
  7. Emergency rooms ARE NOT all alike.
  8. Beagles are a study in persistence. You will eventually catch a mole!
  9. Broken hearts do heal, but the scars always hurt.
  10. The proverb was right ... Pride does go before a fall.
  11. Never, ever speed in Louisville, KY.
  12. When the going gets rough ... well, let's just say, you quickly discover who your true friends are.
  13. There is such a thing as a SOCIALLY MALADJUSTED CAT.
  14. Thinking outside of the box can be very dangerous.
  15. You can teach an old dog new tricks.
  16. Just when you think nothing more can surprise you ... humanity finds a new low.
  17. God's plan is so much better than anything I could cook up for myself.
  18. The boy scouts had something when they coined the phrase "ALWAYS BE PREPARED."
  19. You're never too young to plan for the future.
  20. You're never too old to plan for the future.
  21. Saying goodbye NEVER gets easier.
  22. Saying hello can be just as difficult.
  23. Fingerprints are a not all they're cracked up to be.
  24. Depression ain't for sissies!
  25. It is possible to shed tears that would come close to equaling your body weight.

As I stare 2006 in the face, I'm struck by the absolute uncertainity of what lays ahead of me. I could very well be winging my way to the great wild west. But then, again, as history has proved, I could be sitting in this exact spot this time next year. Who really knows!

Buckle up. Sit back. Brace yourself, cuz it's going to get bumpy! The exits are here, here, here and here. Keep all hands, feet, arms and legs inside the car at all times. ENJOY THE RIDE!