Friday, June 24, 2011

Week in review

Whew! It's been a week.

Here's the short of it....

  • Many computer problems

  • Another lawn mowing session

  • Minor flower tending

  • Random tornado spawns

  • Dinner with friends

  • Birthday lunches

  • Birthday dinners

  • LOTS and LOTS of food

  • Food coma

  • Lowes visits galore ...

  • A plan of attack

  • A mental/emotional break-down

  • Pounds lost

  • Pounds gained

Here's the long of it ...


Monday dawned bright and beautiful and full of opportunity. And then I remembered that I'd somehow managed to get wrangled into helping run a three-day conference ... and I still didn't have the presentations done ... or started ... and there was laundry piling up ... and grass growing ... and a bed that needed to be made ... and a cat demanding food ... and coffee to be made .... and so I stayed in bed much longer than I should have.

As I recall, Monday was spent wallowing in self-pity because, let's face it, isn't it always helpful and super productive to wallow in self-pity? And possibly, I did work on my graduate school assignment.


Tuesday was the day that I decided I would stay home and be really, super productive. Well, actually, I was grounded due to taking my truck in for servicing. And then they forgot about me. And I had to call them at 4:25 p.m., and I had to be all, "Hey! So what's up with my truck?!" And they were all, "Oops! Yeah, it's done, and you need to come ASAP because we close at 5 p.m." And I was all, "HOLY CRAP!"

Thanks to Elly Gilbert for not only running her kids around, but me was well. Mine was the last vehicle checked out for the day, and my butt barely made it out the door as they were shutting off lights and computers and mechanical thingy-ma-bobs and locking the door behind me and stuff.

So, I got the graduate school assignment finished, and I did a fair amount of whining as well. Because, I mean, isn't it super helpful and productive to whine about your situation?

Oh! I had a break through on Monday -- so, of course, it's logical to mention this on Tuesday. I decided that I would formulate a plan to get to know Cute Appliance Dude. Oh, it's a crafty plan ... well, crafty for me. I will attach a slight warning to this plan in that it requires me to encourage my own laziness in the area of the kitchen, but hey! A girl must make sacrifices sometimes. The plan also involves me spending money ... in Lowes. My gosh! There is a marketing director out there just rubbing his/her hands together in a devilish way as they anticipate my next purchase in that store. There is a racket between the hardware stores of America and the Realtors of America. I'm convinced! This plan, finally, involves me just going for it and forgetting about fear. Grabbing the bull by the ... well, just grabbing the bull and running with it. Megan's on the prowl, boys. Watch out!


This was the day I'd dreaded all week. I was in full whine mode on Wednesday because I was meeting with everyone involved in the aforementioned three-day conference. You remember the one? The ill-fated day that I said, "Sure, I'll do a little weekend workshop to learn how to use technology in the classroom," and then, nine months later, said, "WHOA!? What do you mean I'm planning a three-day conference!?" Yeah, that one. I hate failure ... have a irrational fear of it. I've just not felt comfortable with this whole thing, and I just didn't want to get there and be all, "Yeah, so I suck. My presentations suck. Work during summer break sucks. High gas prices suck, and the fact that I just paid nearly $5 for this frozen lemonade, Panera, that sucks!"

As it turns out, there was a bright spot to my afternoon. That bright spot came in the form of making a man I know squirm like a worm (shout out to Tabitha Wainscott for that one) after waltzing in with his big, bad self, and realizing that I knew that he knew that I knew .... it was both awkward and funny at the very same time!

One Panera frozen lemonade ... $3.00 more than its worth.
Making one cheating, lying turd squirm ... PRICELESS


I went to my classroom to do some work and discovered that my school building was FILLED to overflowing with Kentucky State Police trainees. I'm STILL bitter over the fact that NO ONE ... not one person ... called me to inform me of this. This is something for which I would have stopped the whining! It's a DEFINITE situation!

Now I realize, in my advanced age, that the great majority of those men are super close to jail bait for me. However ..

  1. They are still nice to look at.

  2. Their field training officers are closer to my age and just as yummy!

... which brings me to my next rambling story ... FTO came out with the recruits while I was talking to one of my colleagues. FTO was ripped and fit and good-looking and ... GRAY! Yep, ladies and gentlemen, that is the age range I'm looking at these days.... Gray! As Carrie informed me, "Gray is HOT!" Yes, it is, but it's still gray. Let's move on to Friday; I'm depressing myself.


I spent the majority of the day in my truck running from meeting to meeting. But there were some fun parts throughout the day, namely celebrating ELLY GILBERT'S BIRTHDAY!!! We had lunch together AND dinner together. It was a great time, and once again, I am reminded of how blessed I am!

Here are some things that I've learned about myself today....

  • I've eaten WAAAAY too much today, and I will no longer need to eat the rest of the weekend.

  • Never wear white to a Japanese Hibachi Grill.

  • I have skills!! I can catch, with my mouth, pieces of chicken that the chef tosses at me with the spatula. Definite date night material, I am!

  • I LOVE ice cream cake!!!

  • I've eaten WAAAAY too much today, and I will no longer need to eat the rest of the weekend.

The week in review ... there you have it, folks. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to silently slip into a food coma ...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crow's Feet

In my mind, I am still 25 years old.


None of the years have passed ... I'm still 25 years old ... living in my first dive apartment .... dating a guy that has absolutely no clue who I am or what I really want in life, but who is fun ... surrounded by a group of friends that have a similar carefree lifestyle.

It's not that 1997 was all that amazing ... I mean Hansen's MMMBop was a popular song. A song that was titled MMMBop, folks! What the heck is an MMMBop anyway?!?

The summer I was 25 ... Summer of 1997 ...

  • Timothy McVeigh was found guilty for the Oklahoma City bombings and was sentenced to death.

  • The Red Wings won the Stanley Cup title that year (GO WINGS!!)

  • Mike Tyson got in big trouble for biting Holyfield's ear off ... eeew!

  • Hong Kong was returned to China.

  • Tony Blair was the youngest serving Prime Minister in the UK at the time.

I didn't remember all this stuff (my thanks to and No, I can't remember what I had for dinner last night. So, while I still FEEL 25, my body is telling me otherwise ...

  • There are the tiniest lines beginning to form around the corners of my eyes.

  • I have the same deep line forming between my eyes that my mom has.

  • I have more gray hairs shimmering in the sunlight these days.

  • And when I do the math, I've actually been out of college 17 years and out of high school a gasp-inducing 21 years!

I don't remember much about the Summer of 1997 ... except that I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with myself for the rest of my life. Not in a MILLION years would I have guessed I would land in Kentucky, living the best life ever!

25 or 39 .... I've decided that age is merely a number ... a number that means nothing except when it comes to senior citizens discounts and stuff.

So bring on the crow's feet. I will kick the crow's feet butts!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Ode to Summer Break

Summer Break! How I love thee? Let me count the ways!

  1. Copious amounts of coffee on the deck in my jammies looooong into the morning.

  2. Late nights, late mornings.

  3. I can finally relax ... there's no real stress.

  4. I can get to all the little projects that have been on hold for more than six months.

  5. My house is cleaner.

  6. I cook more -- and I plan to just that, and step outside of my cooking rut, too!

  7. My dishes are usually done a lot more frequently.

  8. I get to hang out with my cat, who doesn't really understand why I'm home all day and messing with her routine.

  9. My laundry is done more efficiently.

  10. My bed is made every day.

  11. I can read more, and I intend to do so with gusto!

  12. I can write more, and I intend to do so with gusto!

  13. I can dream more, and I intend to do so with gusto!

  14. I can explore more, and I intend to do so with gusto!

  15. I can recailbrate and celebrate and reevaluate.

Ahhhh, Summer. How I do love thee!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Styrofoam cup grafitti

Okay, so I had a bad attitude today. I will admit it. But when you ask a simple question, and you're treated like you are not a cooperative member of any team, well, a bad attitude forms.

To combat that attitude ... or maybe to encourage it, I decided to create some artistic renderings on the styrofoam cup I brought back from lunch.

Rendering #1 was a stick figure Me with a professional development (hereto and forever more known as PD) treadmarks across my stick figure chest.

Rendering #2 was stick figure Me with a PD arrow through my head.

Rendering #3 was stick figure Me underneath a PD house.

Yep, hip, hip hooray for the Official Start to Summer Break.

Time for some ME TIME and relaxation and distance ....


Monday, June 13, 2011

Ahhhhh ....

Summer break will OFFICIALLY start for me on Wednesday at 3 p.m. That's when all of the extraneous meetings we lovingly refer to as PD are complete.

This year has left me wondering about a lot of things. It has made me question a lot of things. But most of all, it's made me realize a lot of things.

I'm a work in progress, and I am hoping that as I continue the work ahead of me, I will be a better work of art for having made the commitment to do the work the next 6 weeks or so.

Be ready for some changes ... they are coming ... I hope!

Thursday, June 09, 2011


WARNING: Non-fluffy blog entry dead ahead.

Today, I'm pondering women ... we're suppose to be the fairer sex (whatever that means!) ... the glue that molds and shapes and keeps a family together. We're power-houses, doing it all and then some. We endure. We persevere ... we celebrate and mourn ... we nurture ... we nourish ... we teach and guide ... we are the emotional adhesive.

And yet, I'm befuddled by the notion that women spend a great majority of their time tearing each other down.

Broad generalization?

Perhaps, but it just seems for a gender that is STILL fighting for equality in the workforce despite the fact that we make up half of it, we continue to create an atmosphere that calls into a question a person's self-worth and self-esteem. Rather than celebrate each other, we really spend a great deal of time tearing people down.

I'm putting myself at the front of this line, ladies and gentlemen.

I've had, literally, a dozen conversations this week regarding this issue. THIS WEEK.



  • Competition that encourages ugly treatment of others ...

  • Making cutting, underhanded comments about a person's performance, family life, lifestyle choices, etc...

  • Gossiping about people, typically assuming things that are not true, and yet spreading that foulness to others, despite the fact that "truth" isn't close to the real truth....

  • Reading too much into comments and ... OH MY ... Facebook statuses...

  • Going public on Facebook about stuff that one has assumed or read too much into...

I know that I'm not the best type of friend. When I get stressed, I insulate due to just being so overwhelmed. But I've been hugely convicted lately of how I react to my female sisterhood. I want to be the person that empowers. I don't want to tear any one down, like I've been torn down. To date, I've not been so successful.

We spend so much time using other's as measuring sticks ... infallible humans that make countless mistakes on a daily basis. My goal, from this point forward, is to avoid the gossip ... to avoid situation that would tear a fellow female down. My goal, from this point forward, is to play a vital role in empowering those women I come in contact with ...

My mantra that I will be repeating to myself each day is this:

"To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others . You need to accept yourself."

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Natasha Bedingfield - Strip Me

Yeah ... so I lied ... THIS is my real, new theme song for my life. Take what you want, folks. Steal my pride, build me up, or cut me down to size. I'm only one voice in a million, but you ain't takin' that from me!

Thursday, June 02, 2011


I am no fashionista. I mean, yes. I did, in fact, show up to school this morning in out-right rumpled khakis and a shirt with not one, but four visible stains on it.

Now, in my defense, I'd forgotten to treat those stains in the laundry the other day. Completely forgot I'd slopped something on the shirt in the first place. So, in the laundry it went, and, well, the hope of the stains ever coming out now are pretty slim.

The rumpled khakis?

Totally did that on purpose!

My mother is horrified, I know, but I'm willing to take a bullet for that team because I woke up CONVINCED it was Friday, and I've been in a foul mood ever since I found out the truth.

Yet, even with those fashion guffaws, I absolutely DID NOT go out in public wearing too tight Hello Kitty pajama bottoms with a thong (I'm sorry you had to read that ... I know. Your delicate constitution and all), a too tight cami with black bra waaaay too visible underneath, and hot pink Crocs. I mean, at least, I didn't go out looking like that. And at least I didn't shove an ENTIRE Twinkie in my mouth while sporting that outfit ... and let the end dangle precariously out of my mouth as I clomped across the parking lot. I mean, at least I didn't do that!

Growing up, when we went Up North on vacation, my mother packed us our Going to Town clothes. She was all about play clothes and letting us get them as grubby as we wanted. However, when it was time to go into town, we were to clean up and get into our Town Clothes.

I vividly remember ruining more than one Town outfit, the most memorable being plunking my bony little butt smack dab in the MIDDLE of a gigantic pool of pine sap. That hot mess doesn't come out of clothes. I know this, because my mother spent the rest of her summer trying ... when she wasn't openly cursing my name.

Then there was the time that I decided to sit on the top of my dad's lawn mower ... in my Town clothes. Lawn mower oil and grease don't come out of Town clothes either. I know this ... because my mother spent that summer trying ... when she wasn't openly cursing my name.

Okay, so maybe I didn't go out in public in too-tight Hello Kitty jammie bottoms. My mother would throw this out there:

"No! But I was the one dragging the gangly, hair-full-of-rat's-nests kid around with the sap stuck to her butt. Same thing in my book!"

Losing my mind

I'm at that point ...

You know the one ...

The point at which, if something doesn't go my way, I will be going postal on the bag boy at Kroger for dropping my bananas on top of the loaf of bread while he discusses the wild and crazy night he had last night with the dude next to him.

I'm just sayin' ...

My brain has a limited amount of space for stress, and this space is NOT limitless like I used to think. No, no. This space is shrinking rapidly ... like a lot of things shrink when one gets older. I won't go into what those shrinking things are; it's not appropriate for mixed company. Let's just say, things are shrinking and leave it at that.

The stress has actually oozed into other portions of my body ... parts you don't want to know about ... and it's doing things .... things you don't want to know about.

I woke up this morning, convinced it was Friday, and I've been in a foul mood ever since the news anchors so rudely burst that bubble.

I need a vacation ... like I need air to breathe ... and water to drink.

I'm hanging on by a thread ... a very frayed thread ...

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


This dude, and about 11 of his closest friends and relatives, were/are hanging around on my living room and kitchen ceilings. What is he?