Wednesday, May 27, 2015


By Jennifer Weiner

This book is a well-written novel by a great author.  I've read her book GOOD IN BED (I've also read her novel IN HER SHOES) on the recommendation from a friend, and I loved it!  It was funny and witty, as I remember it.  I was sure this one would be too.  While it was definitely very smart reading, this topic, that of regular, every day women abusing opiates, was not the funny topic I had in mind.  Still, this was an amazingly written novel about a pretty scary, and yet, true to our world topic that was absolutely griping.

The ending, while not completely satisfying, again, held true to how the real world works, which, I appreciate.  Life isn't always wrapped up in a nice, neat bow.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking to sink their teeth into a modern novel about every day life ... and how some of us just don't quite manage in it. 


I bet you were thinking this post was going to be about something TOTALLY different, didn't you?

Get your mind out of the gutter, man! 

I might have mentioned this already, but my laptop died.  My four year old laptop's mother board just up and got fried.   Listen, I am not sure what a motherboard does, but it's catastrophic when it dies. Want to know how I know this?  Because it wouldn't do anything.  Nothing.  Zero.  Zlich.  Nada. 

Plugged that sucker up (that's what they say around here in Kentucky -- back home in the Mitten State we refer to that as "plugging it in"  but whatever), and that puppy wasn't doing a dag-blasted thing.  Now, I am no computer expert, but even this teacher with her numerous degrees could tell that something was gravely wrong with this laptop.  This four year old laptop; have I mentioned that?

So, I packed it into my truck (another Kentuckyism ... back in the Mitten State, we would say, "I put the laptop in my truck -- my four year old laptop) and motored it on down to Computer Surgeons (not even joking here), where they, assumedly, did surgery and discovered the motherboard was DOA ... along with the rest of the pieces and parts.

Once the fatal diagnosis had been made, I wanted to make sure that I could retrieve my very important files, ie, the manuscript that I couldn't remember backing up that last time I wrote anything to the file.  Y'all, sometimes, even with all my various degrees, and I am butt-smacking dumb!

That brings us to this evening, when I had to ask a friend to drive me to Versailles to retrieve the "no longer with us" laptop.  I was also supposed to be retrieving the important file that my last known manuscript was on.  However, dude never received the message, and because I sweetly explained that I am currently having car trouble (Tony the Mechanic is seeing more of my truck than I am these days!!!), and that I probably wouldn't be able to get back down to their fine establishment until Friday or Monday, Dude said, "Want to extract the data yourself?"

This is where the point of the whole story begins y'all, because, 'fore I could help myself, I agreed to do it. 

"All you need is a something something cable."  

Okay, there was an actual name for the cable, but seriously, my brain translated it as something something. 

So, Dude goes to get the cable, leaving me at the front desk thinking, "How hard can this be?"

I'm going out on a limb here and saying VERY.  He started talking in a different language, y'all.  I mean, FOREIGN COUNTRY sorta stuff.  I heard "power source" and "USB" and "small screw driver."  Nothing else computed.  And yet ... AND YET, when Dude said, "Does that make sense?" I gave him a thumbs up, said "COOL!" and thanked him for his time.

I faked it allllll the way to the front door of that building. 

I'm banking on their being a user's manual and lots of Google questions online y'all. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


If you were to ask me, "Hey!  Megan!  What does 43 look like?"

I, sadly, would have to answer that it looks fat and limpy and swollen ... and you pop a lot of ibuprofen.  I mean A LOT.

I have been to the doctor more times in the last few months than I have in the entire time I've been living in Kentucky! 

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating just a bit, but seriously, folks.  It's been a lot.  I'm beginning to think my physician thinks I'm a hypochondriac or something. 

I have degenerative arthritis in my knees, and recently, my body has decided to swell up like a big ole balloon, as if gaining weight wasn't enough.

I woke up this morning, seemingly in great physical shape, considering the new arthritis medicine I was taking was causing me, I think, to have a swollen throat because the swelling feet weren't enough, you know?

I got up to get coffee and nearly lost sanity from the pain in my upper back.  You see, I sneezed the other day.  Yes, you read that correctly. I sneezed the other day ... to be more exact, I sneezed on church.  I was trying to stifle the sneeze so as not to disrupt EVERYONE around me during the middle of the sermon.  I was being selfless, dang it!

Yeah, remember when we were kids and someone said it's dangerous to stifle sneezes because you might make your nose bigger or make your eyes bulge or some such nonsense?  Well, I've discovered why you don't stifle sneezes.  It's because you could throw your upper back out!


And because my body enjoys a delayed reaction, it didn't start hurting until this morning, because, well, why not!?

I swear!  Forty-three is going to look a hump-backed single teacher pushing a walker before too long. 

Forget this selfless business.  I am fixing to sneeze all over y'all the next time!

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Because I am 43 -- because I own a cat, there is this obvious (and if we're being honest here, hurtful) stereotype that many jump to where I am concerned.  That being one of The Crazy Cat Lady. 

Let's just dispel that stereotype now. 
1.) I LOVE my cat.  She is more human than some of the humans I know. 
2.) Dude!  My cat has more personality than your cat!
3.) I have other interests besides my very cool cat.
4.) I have lots of friends just as into their animals as I am into mine (did I mention how cool she was?).
5.)  I only have one cat.  ONE.  Please.  If you knew Her Royal Hiney at all, you would know that she is a handful.  One of her equals two or three cats under the same roof. 

Listen, I am NOT the crazy cat lady.

Crazy TO DO LIST lady?  Well, that's another story entirely.  I have TO DO lists EVERYWHERE.  Absolutely everywhere. 

The problem with my TO DO lists is that I put absolutely everything down on them that I want to accomplish in a one day period only the items could easily fill a week and still not achievable. 

I have a sickness.

I have yet another large, lengthy, ridiculous TO DO list and only two days with which to tackle it. It goes something like this:

1. Laundry (this shouldn't be too bad ... most of it was done last week ... just a few things to tackle ... bedding mostly ... why am I telling you this?  To rationalize it's existence on the list?  Who knows!).
2. Clean out closets. 
3. Clean out basement.
4. Go through seasonal clothes and toss what doesn't fit or looks decent.
5. Make a list of summer items needed (anyone else notice the irony in making a list on a TO DO list?)
6. Clean out the flower beds
7. Plant flowers.
8. Plant seeds that should have been planted a month ago!
9. Clean out the back beds.
10.  Edge EVERY THING.
11. Trim bushes .... again.
12. Scrape garage door.
13. Look for pots for house numbers (it's an idea I found on Pinterest ... you know? The place where a person thinks they can be uber craft!)
14.  Precook dinners for the end of the year.
15. Fold the PILES of clothes you keep tripping over.
16. Remake bed ... today!  (I tend to forget that until the very last minute)
17. Read!

Even I realize this is an impossible task, and yet, I am up for the task.  I will trick myself into thinking I can do it all!

See what I mean?  It's a sickness.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Fault in Our Stars
by John Green

A friend read this a while ago.  Like a year ago or more.  She said it was definitely worth the read if for no other reason than a man managed to NAIL a teenage girl's voice!  I will say, it's a feat indeed, and I agree with my friend.  Mr. Green did manage to nail it.  For realsies!

However ... yes, I am sad to say there is a however ... the hype surrounding this book left me a tad bit disappointed.   First of all, I just find it EXTREMELY hard to imagine that teenagers ... people that find it beyond difficult to walk the ten steps to the trash receptacle but rather toss their garbage on the floor/ground/floor of the car could have a better command of the English language than I do!  I get that these kids were smart.  Super smart, but are you serious, man!?  I am having difficulty buying it.  Sorry.

Also, the plot was predictable.  Not in a bad way. It's just that I guessed what was going to happen.  I like to be surprised.

Everyone told me I would cry.  Well, it's a given, I thought.  I will cry.  Only, I didn't!  I got teary-eyed and slightly lip quivery, but no tears.  None. 

If you are among the small bit of the population that still hasn't read this book, I suggest you do so.  It is well-written, funny where it needs to be, witty, and the protagonist's voice is ridiculously convincing. 


Hello friends!  I have been off the grid. Did you notice?

Okay, so not really "off the grid."  That implies some sort of green sustainability on my part.  If you knew me, you'd know how silly that thought is. 

Plus, and let's be honest here, I have a technology sickness.  I love technology ... probably a bit too much. I plan to rectify that over summer break.  I promise.  More on that to come.  I promise.

In the meantime, it's been a long time, hasn't it?

My laptop died.  Like not just a little dead either.  All the way dead!  "She gone!" dead.  It was ugly. 

However, after dipping into some reserves, I have solved the problem and am back up and running and eager to start pounding some stuff out.  I have a lot to say.

For instance, it's Memorial Day Weekend!  Oh, how I've needed this break! 

This year.  Y'all.  I am not even sure where to begin in attempting to describe this year.  Just.  This. Year. 

And speaking of years, we only have 9 days of school left.  NINE. GLORIOUS. DAYS. before we close the books on the 2014-2015 school year -- and my 13th year of teaching.  It doesn't even matter that I have to go back two more days after the kids.  Okay, well, it will matter on that first day, but y'all.  Have I mentioned?  THIS. YEAR.

I will be getting a new principal for the upcoming school year.  Another one.  Again.  THIS. Y.E.A.R.

I will also be getting a new superintendent.  At this point, do I even need to go further with this?  I think not.

I have been having some knee issues.  I've struggled, and, well, I've gained more weight.  DEPRESSING!  I am working to get on the other side of the issues, and perhaps, sometime ... when all the planets align ... and the Blue Moon arrives for it's rare appearance ... and I finally get it together, I might lose some weight.  May be.... I mean, a girl can dream, right?

Oh there is so much to say ... so much to rant and ruminate and cogitate and marinate and all those -ates upon.  All in due time.  For now, I am back.  I am so glad to be back!

Friday, May 01, 2015


This season.

I don't like it.

No, not the actual season. I LOVE SPRING!

No, this season in my life.  Everything is breaking and falling apart and the money.  Oh my word, the money!  It makes my head hurt.

How do you pay for it all?

The stress of this burden weighs heavily on me.  Especially when I attempt to figure this out on my own.  I am slooooooooowly learning to rely on a higher power.  As I've mentioned before, I am Christ-follower, Jesus-lover kinda girl, and I know that I can go to Him with my burdens.  He works them out for good.

He's cool like that.

The problem is that I tend to try to take control of the situation ... cuz, well, I'm stubborn like that.

From the womb, stubborn, y'all.

Pretty sure some of my first words were something along the lines of "I DO IT!"

My mom, always quick with the advice, texted me: "Have you prayed?"

You would think, being the Christ-follower that I am, that would have been my first thought.

Y'all.  I am hopeless.

I prayed.  I asked others to pray.  And I gotta tell you, sitting here now, I am at peace.

Seasons are just that.  Seasons.  Here for a time.  Gone for a time.

Prayer is powerful, and I MUST remember to ride this storm with it.