Friday, March 31, 2017


I was initially bummed when I realized that today would be a rainy, cold day.  I had outdoor plans ... outdoor plans in the way of proving to my neighbors that I do care about my lawn.

But who are we kidding? I only marginally care about my lawn. On odd days and full moons.  Just joking ... maybe.

Today, I've decided, is the day I am going to knock out some work for work. There are numerous projects hanging over my head, and I want to get them away from my head ... or at least, not so close to my head.

It's also going to be the day that I finish this cursed laundry and finally hang up ALLLLLL the clothes I've been tossing over chairs and door knobs and such.

It's also going to be the day that I read ... and if that leads to a nap, so be it.

Rainy days remind me that I need to stop and enjoy the quiet moments as much as the hectic busy ones.

So, bring on the rain!  I am ready for ya!

Thursday, March 30, 2017


A cleaned out, reorganized, washed down refrigerator.  I moved shelves around to accommodate a better storage of food flow (and I just wrote that sentence like I was some sort of refrigerator expert -- I am most certainly not as the next sentence will exemplify for you, dear reader).  Why I never did this seven years when I bought the daggone refrigerator, who the heck knows!  It sure does make me happy though!  If this makes me a nerd, I embrace it!  

I am prepping lettuce and other veggies for quick and easy salads.  Oh my word! I do love streamlining stuff.  This is most certainly streamlining at it's finest!


Coffee!  Those of you who know me well know this liquid ALWAYS makes me happy!

Emmy the Cat. She isn't really all that thrilled that I am home.  I am messing up her schedule.  She follows me around, meowing, and I can't tell if that is because she sees this as extra Cat and Owner time ... OR if she is bitching because I am interrupting prime nap time.  I would suspect it's the latter, but daggone it! She's cute even when she's crabby!

I bought this new planner today, and it is revolutionizing my world. Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but it sure does make me happy.  I LOVE my Happy Planner!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Clean Slates

I took a peek at my classroom today.  Word on the street was that they ripped up all my carpeting yesterday. I wanted to see it for myself!

Oh! Wait. I probably need to catch you up, no?

About two weeks ago, I (and 14 of my colleagues) was informed I would be getting tile in my classroom over Spring Break. Now, I am BEYOND excited about tile. I have had carpet in my classroom for the last ten years, and it was in questionable "health" when I moved in lo those many years ago.  I have no clue how old it was, but it held a funky smell that I, sadly, got used to smelling.

Despite my excitement over the tile, I had a FREAK OUT moment ... or two ... or way more ... because, well, I had sixteen years worth of Teacher Crap shoved in that room.  I have been in that particular room for the last ten years.  There is a lot that can be collected in ten years. Trust me on this one.  Plus, I was STILL TEACHING, and it is difficult to pack stuff and function in a classroom.

I spent my last week and a half packing, and, last Saturday, I closed my classroom door on an entirely packed up room.

So, back to today. I walked into the room, and it was completely empty.  I stood in the middle of the room and tried to envision what the tile would look like ... and a thought began to form in my mind. I mean, I have this clean slate laid before me.  I can make this room whatever I want it to be now! Put my stamp on it ... move stuff around!  Really change things up!

I have spent the better part of the afternoon and evening looking at classroom layouts and thinking about how I can place furniture to maximize space AND keep it decluttered, organized, and neat.

I LOVE clean slates!

I LOVE re-imagining!

And despite the daunting task of resetting my whole room in a week, I am SUPER excited about the prospect of doing so.  This will be an opportunity to purge with wild abandon, and since a lot of this stuff hasn't seen the light of day in YEARS, wild abandon should be the rule of thumb here.

I am looking forward to a clean slate ....  That is what this SpRiNg BrEaK will be about.  CLEAN SLATES!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Refueling ... Filling that Tank

I have had an on-going conversation with someone regarding filling my emotional tank.  Basically, how is it that I am filling the areas I deplete with professional obligations with stuff that will refuel my soul?

As of late, I've not been, and I'm not really sure how to begin that process.

What I have come to realize or notice is that truly dedicated professionals give 110% all the time.  I see it in my world of teaching. My colleagues that are truly inspiring? They go all.the.way. No shortcuts. No excuses. They just do it.

I imagine that is what the creators of the JUST DO IT campaign for Nike might have had in mind.

Lately, I have been harboring resentment, and this person whom I've been having this on-going conversation with nailed it.  Well, nailed me.  "Sounds to me like you are pretty resentful of people who A.) waste your time, and B.) don't value others' time and efforts only their own."

Insert a thousand bells peeling madly (and homage to one of my favorite movies, SOUND OF MUSIC).

She. Nailed. It.

I have said it before.  I hold myself to a very high standard.  I am not necessarily sure that is a good thing, and, so, I am DEFINITELY not tooting my own horn. But nothing crawls under my skin (like Alien-esque under the skin crawling) more than watching people just "playing" a role ... doing something only halfheartedly ... cutting corners to get something done quickly but passing it off as quality. Complaining that they are not getting the accolades they deserve when everyone within a 50-mile radius knows full well they've put in only minimal effort.

It takes hard work for anything to pay off.

That is why I am still fat. I guess I am not ready to put in that hard work. But I digress.

My co-conversationalist? She pointed out that I need to refill my tank. I deplete it each day that I give as much as I possibly can (some days are less than others), but I am not refilling.  It's like never filling a tank with gas.  She pointed out that I need to figure out how to fill my tank without allowing extraneous stuff, i.e., the annoying people, to add to the depletion of my tank.

Spring Break seems like the perfect time to do so.

A friend extended an invitation to dinner last night.  I jumped at the chance.  For almost four hours, we laughed and talked and, to be corny, broke bread, and I left there feeling emotionally full.

Oh! It all sounds so crunchy and hippy and silly. But in my old age, I am coming to realize that feeding my soul is more important than worrying about the people who are cutting corners, grasping at straws and generally doing whatever they can to get the attention of others.

My life ... my worth is not wrapped up in accolades and awards and tangible bits of things that will gather dust and wither away.  My life is a woven tapestry of people and places that work together to feed me, grow me, and help me work toward bringing glory to God ... not to myself.

Oh, I am human.  I am not going to be perfect at this.  Not even a little bit.  However, Spring Break is a great time for me to explore what it is that makes me ME. Filling up my emotional and spiritual tank ... that is what I am going to be doing.

Coming back here and writing to all you long-suffering readers of mine?  Seems like a good start.

Here's to rest ... relaxation ... and filling our tanks!