Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekly Accountability #3 & #4

Beginning weight (January 30, 2012): 229.2
Goal weight: 175
Goal Body fat: 22%
Current weight: 217.6
Current body fat: 31.2%
Loss to date: 12 lbs
Pounds to lose to reach goal: 42.6 lbs

I have no photograph(s) to go with this post because, well, things have gotten crazy, schedule-wise, and I've sort of fallen off the accountability wagon. 

Insert heavy sigh here.

I will honestly admit that I have lost complete and total control over my sweet tooth as well as complete and total control over my portion sizes. 

Insert another heavy sigh here.

Having said that, I am pleased I am not up more than the 4 ounces I currently am.  However, I should be down like 10 pounds by now!  Instead, it would appear, to borrow a word from my mother, I am fiddleedinkin' around ... and have been  ... for some time. 

I could blame it on my schedule as of late, and part of that would be true.  I have been slammed wherein, prior to this, I have not been so much.

However, the times where there is some down time, I just don't feel like doing ANY THING.  It's pitiful, I know!

I also discovered that I am eating too much!  I know, right!?  I am suppose to be eating all these mini-meals, and apparently, I am eating too many mini-meals ... or not mini-enough ... or something!  I won't go into the gory details of how I know that I am eating too much.  Just trust me on this one.  I am.

Finally, I have to SOME HOW figure out how to fit in some Pilate's or Yoga during my school year schedule along with the walking.  It's becoming more and more obvious that this must occur. 

I will say that I am doing better in the area of water consumption. I have my days where I forget, but for the most part, I am a water-drinking fool.  In fact, the other day, I had a Diet Coke for the first time in a very long time ... so I think I can safely say that, besides coffee or tea, I've weened myself off of any other beverage that might contain all that nasty, not-so-good-for-you chemical stuff. 

I just have to keep reminding myself that this is not a sprint; it's a marathon.  It will come off ... eventually.  I just need to adjust some more ... some how.

My goal this week?  Stay within my POINTS PLUS Values that Weight Watchers has allotted me.  Easier said than done ... trust me.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekly Accountability #3

Beginning weight (January 30, 2012): 229.2
Goal weight: 175
Goal Body fat: 22%
Current weight: 217.2
Current body fat: 31.2%
Loss to date: 12 lbs
Pounds to lose to reach goal: 42.2 lbs

No make-up and bedhead, thus the hat.  I *think* I might see the slightest difference in photos over the last three weeks.
Have I mentioned how much I HATE that plaid wallpaper?

I had a much better week this week.  Finally, I feel like I am in a groove with good eating habits.  It helps when I plan ahead and pack nutritious meals for the day. I also found that I'd turned a corner on my eating.  As you might remember, I started eating 6 to 8 mini-meals, at the suggestion of my cousin, Joel Gutierrez, who himself, is a trainer.  He said that by eating these healthy, mini meals, I am fueling my body constantly and fooling it into thinking that it needs to work on the fat rather than the muscle, which so often happens.  

It's not that I was skeptical; I think I was just more or less weary of trying something else and then trying something else and then trying something else.  I failed to remember that life is about tweaking moments until they work with our body rhythms.  And so I did, and the dude was sooooo right on the mark!  I have begun noticing the smallest differences, and by the end of the week, when I sat down to dinner, I was stuffed after eating the smallest portions.  Why is this significant?  Because, in the past, the dinner hour was where I could consume massive amounts of calories.  I was tired beyond the point of exhaustion -- I was crabby -- I was lonely -- and I think because my body hadn't been properly fueled, it was fighting back with me.  It is such a great feeling to feel satisfied at dinner and not feel like I needed to graze the rest of the evening!

I also made a valiant attempt to consume lots of water, which, if you understand the lack of time a teacher has in actually being able to run to the bathroom, then you realize what a feat this truly is.  I averaged about 54 fluid ounces which was doubled from my normal school-day consumption.  Again, I could sooooo tell a difference in the way my body felt.  AMAZING!

I have sworn off of any sort of sugar-free drink mixes like Crystal Light or Kroger Light.  They were not making me feel good, and I am pretty sure it was because of all the chemically-engineered sugar substitutes.  I still have it on hand to serve to guests (oh! That sounded so inhospitable!) because I recognize that not everyone likes just plain water with lemon and a little splash of diet tonic water.  But for me and ... well, me. No more!

My goal this week is two-fold.  I haven't done the greatest at my exercise.  So, that needs to become a priority again.  Plus, I am going to attempt to tighten my planning in the area of meals.  

Finally, a word about my body fat percentage.  I am not sure what to think with my current percentage of 31.2%.  To be perfectly honest, I would have expected this number to be much higher.  As a result, I measured every part of my body that had fat "hanging" from it.  It consistently landed on 31.2% body fat.  Granted, on my little chart, it still said I was in the "over fat" range.  Getting to 22% seems doable.  Of course, I bought The Cheapest body fat caliper known to man.  So, this might be the reason it seems low.  Oh well.  I am going with this percentage for now.  Time will tell ... 

Once again, I remain overwhelmed by the response I am getting to these posts.  Thanks so much for following me and being willing to read (and possibly be inspired) by this journey I am on!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting The Plague

WARNING: Disgusting, gory details are contained in this blog.  Faint of heart and stomach should NOT read.

As I've gotten older, I have developed this odd little issue ...

I can't watch shows like Dr. Oz because I am relatively sure I have absolutely everything that he talks about that is bad and could kill.

I can't read WebMD because before it's all said and done, I've contracted every rare disease, pathogen, and tumor known to man.

Yeah, I've developed this little issue called hypochondria.

I never use to be like this.  In fact, I mocked (behind their backs, of course) people who were hypochondriacs.  In our family, the joke is that if you just mix up a bit of blue-green algae, all is well.

Okay, it's an inside joke, and it loses some of its punch airing it in public like this without knowing the back story.

Okay, it loses A LOT of its punch.

At any rate, last night, I was sitting at the dinner table, listening to the radio while I ate -- what every single person does who is trying to keep the television off and actual savor what she's eating, rather than scarfing it down like it's the last meal she'll ever consume thus setting up a very bad digestive situation -- heavy sigh ...

So, I was sitting at the dining room table, eating my dinner, slow-ish-ly, and John Tesh came on the radio.  I don't typically listen to this man for two reasons:

1.) He annoys me.
2.) He talks about medical conditions that I then feel I might have and well, then I spend the drive home or the evening in my living room or where ever I am imagining how someone will find me dead in my home with a missing face because my cats have eaten it off ...

You see where my mind goes?

Emmy would never eat my face off, mainly because she has become accustomed to a certain type of food that, quite frankly, costs more than my dinner.  I mean, my cat eats better than I do!

Also, I have made a pact with a friend that I will not get more than one cat ... thus, sealing my fate as a Crazy Cat Lady.  We're a one-cat household, Emmy and I are.

John Tesh begins talking about how those of us that were taught to hold our steering wheels at 10 and 2 have been taught incorrectly.  And he further contends that having been taught that can actually do us much harm if we were to ever be involved in a car accident, even a minor one.

He then cuts to a commercial which further annoys me because I am forced to listen to their stupidity while I worry over what horrors will befall me should I continue to hold my steering wheel at 10 and 2.

When he finally returns, he begins to tell his audience that when an air bag is released in a crash, it does so at such a high rate of speed that it can actually cause compound fractures of the hands, wrists, and arms as well as an injury referred to as degloving.  Oh it's as horrendous as it sounds, my dear readers.  Mr. Tesh proceeds to describe the process of the air bag actually peeling the skin away from your hands.

Well! That was it for me.  I had to turn the radio to a different channel, push my food away, and go wash the gory details of that story out of my mind's eye with a little white wine spritzer.

That was until I got into my truck today, and after traveling some miles, I realized, rather suddenly, that my hands were at 10 and 2.

To borrow an over-used pop culture colloquialism, I was all OMG! MY HANDS ARE AT 10 and 2!!!!!!  I COULD BE DEGLOVED!!!

You know, I am blaming this all on my parents.  When I was young, I tied up my sister in a friendly game of cops and robbers.  To shorten a long, boring story, she fell and came with in millimeters of getting her eye poked out.  For MONTHS after that little incident, I was made to read articles of kids that did stupid things which had deadly consequences.

Excuse me while I go and bathe myself in GermX, after which I will be coating my walls in protective bubble wrap...

Monday, April 08, 2013

Stress Makes Us Fat

You know how you are suppose to learn from your mistakes?

Yeah, well, ummm, that's a pretty rare occurrence in my little world.

Oh sure!  I get it ... eventually.  I just need to take the scenic route to get there.  Without the assistance  of  a map.  Or GPS.  Or stopping at the proverbial gas station to get direction.

I suppose one could infer that I am pig-headed.

Okay, perhaps not everyone would infer this.

Probably just my mom.  And my sister.

I tend to be a wee-bit of a worrier.

I come by it naturally.

Still, my mind goes THERE, and it takes an act of Congress or God to bring it back from the brink of utter and complete destruction of the whole, entire world.  Yeah, that bad.

I might, possibly, perhaps, maybe be a wee-bit of an over-exaggerator as well ...

So, when I received an email from my boss last night, my mind immediately went THERE ... you know ... to the aforementioned brink of utter and complete destruction of the world.

At 3 a.m., I was awakened by the need to go to the bathroom and the desire to further fret and worry over the email and what it might mean for my immediate future.  I tossed and turned and before it was all said and done, I was envisioning myself in the soup lines some where, homeless, pushing my grocery cart with Emmy the Cat sitting jauntily on top of the huge mound of Earthly possessions I'd managed to get into the cart.

It's a gift, people.  That is all I'm saying ...

I entered the building at 6:30 this morning, armed with tons of caffeine and a foreboding deep within the bowels of my being and with some trepidation, I opened my email.

"Megan, no big deal.  I just need you to come down and sign something for me. Thanks."

Sign something!?  I was in the HOMELESS SHELTER SOUP LINES three hours ago!  SIGN SOMETHING!?

NOTE TO SELF: Reading work emails after 5 p.m. can be detrimental to one's healthy and mental well-being. Pretty sure that two-hour session of cortisol-induced brain work has garnered me some extra weight gain.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Weekly Accountability #2

Beginning weight (January 30, 2012): 229.2
Goal weight: 175
Goal Body fat: 22%
Current weight: 219.0
Current body fat: (unknown ... waiting for the caliper I ordered to arrive :) ... it's finally in Chicago ... won't be long now :) ... )
Loss to date: 10.2
Pounds to reach goal: 44.0

Weekly Photo Update (post shower and no make-up ... yay! NOT!)

I HATE that wall paper ... heavy sigh.

As much as I hate putting up the newest numbers, I am attempting transparency, and well, this is transparency!  Ugh!  

I've started back to walking consistently (I've logged 14.5 miles so far this week), and I have to wonder if the increase in weight is actually muscle gain.  This happened to me last summer when I started walking.  An increase in weight ... a HUGE increase ... and then, weight loss.  I can't tell if my stomach pooch is looking a little less in the photo above than last week.  If so, that would explain the comments of "I can just tell the weight is melting away on you) despite a 10 pound gain over the course of the last three months -- thanks, stupid foot pain!  

Someone said at the last Weight Watchers meeting, that this was "for the rest of my life," and she is sooooo right.  This isn't a sprint; it's a marathon.  I am doing this for no one else but myself, and so it's the little steps that are making the biggest differences.  

Last weekend was a HORRENDOUS food weekend.  Funny thing is, my sister and I went to the Parkette in Lexington (a drive-in place, for those not familiar, that specializes in heart attacks in grease-stained paper containers).  We split everything -- not that it matters -- and while it tasted so great going down, we both commented on how bad it felt almost immediately as it sat like bricks in our stomachs.  A sign that eating  healthy is such a good thing for your body!!  Our bodies really can't function properly on the processed stuff we feed it.  

I spent a lot of time this week tweaking my meals so they are much more mini through out the day -- rather than the feasts I think I was feeding myself. :)  Again, it's a marathon not a sprint.

The upside to this week, and something I sort of glossed over, is that I am walking again!!  I think I am on the upside of this latest plantar fasciitis flare up ... Praise God!!  What has made the difference?  Well, I started putting a bit of diet tonic water into my drinking water (which I've raised the consumption of water this week as well), and tonic water contains quinine.  I discovered, quite by accident, that quinine has been used in the past for treatment of arthritis and lupus, both inflammatory diseases.  Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the fascia in our foot muscles .... sooooooo, using scientific reasoning and deduction, I believe the quinine is helping.  Bring on the diet Tonic Water!!!!

I am off to make a healthy lunch and plan for how to conquer this coming week.

I am absolutely blow away by the comments and support I received last week as I "unveiled" this part of my blog.  I received 97 hits on just this topic.  WOW!  Keep it coming.  The whole purpose of doing this was to be honest about my journey and, hopefully, encourage others as well.

Cheers to a fantastic weekend and a brand new week!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Having Her Cake AND Eating It Too

My sister, Ann, at a local cupcake shop in town.  She was being silly!
Having your cake and eating it too.

What on Earth does that mean, really?  I mean, if you've got cake, AREN'T you going to eat it??

Actually, I know what the phrase means, but I am getting ready to take some liberties with it, if you don't mind.  And even if you do, I don't care. I am still taking liberties with it.

A friend called me the other day ... to vent.  That's part of the fun of friendships, right? Anyway, she just needed to unload on me about a friend that was driving her crazy.  "The girl has ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, and all she ever does is complain about the stupid little stuff that doesn't amount to anything.  She is such a glass half empty person. Why is that??"

Hmmm...that is the age old question, isn't it.  I was thinking about that question while I enjoyed a quiet walk that same day.

Why is it that we dwell on the negative so much?  Why can't we just be thankful?

For starters, I think our society doesn't like thankful people ... well, not unless you are thankful on designated holidays.  Then fly that thankful flag!  But otherwise, it's discouraged, almost like you're a scourge on society for deciding to see the joy in things around you.  I have actually heard people malign someone for being a positive influence.

I think the second reason we're such Debbie Downers is that life is hard and it's busy and we often have little time to really stop and "smell the roses."  When you never get to stop and appreciate what you've got, the mess of life can begin to wear you down.

I think the third reason we have so many negative people is that we tend to celebrate the wrong sorts of things in this life.  Especially here in the United States, we tend  to celebrate the picture of a perfect life ... we celebrate celebrity ... we celebrate fantasy ... and the problem is fantasy is just that ... FANTASY.  It isn't real.  I knew a girl once that was OBSESSED with soap operas.  She watched them from the time she was very young until ... well, we've lost touch, but I bet she still DVRs them today!

It was all innocent entertainment -- in her eyes -- until life didn't unfold for her like it did in the soap operas she watched. Her wedding ceremony wasn't like the ones on her favorite "stories;" her honeymoon wasn't like the ones she'd seen on TV, and when she brought home her first baby, it was downright disastrous.  She kept telling me, "it's just not at all how I pictured it!"

Newsflash!!!  Life doesn't unfold ANYTHING like we picture it. That's the beauty (and sometimes the frustration) of this life.  The deal is, we only get one.  We tend to forget that until we get to a point where the end seems ever closer, and then man!  If only we could undo the 80 bazillion things we did in the past.

Money ... the best cars ... the most fulfilling jobs ... whether or not people like us ... what people think of us ... whether or not we have the picture perfect spouse/child(ren)/house/body ... all of these things are surface. They do nothing to dig deeper below, where the soul resides ... where we really get to know someone.

I am not saying we all need to walk around with a fake, slapped-on smile uttering, "Well, isn't that GORGEOUS!" and "BLESS YOUR HEART!"

It's isn't about NEVER acknowledging that crap in your life and always putting on a sunny face despite the things falling apart.  No, definitely don't do that!  You need to be transparent and authentic.

However, if we all spent a bit more time not only enjoying the visual appearance of our individual cakes, but actually savoring each and every bite, life would be such a more positive experience ... or at least I believe that to be true.

As I took each step of that walk ... steps that were BEYOND painful due to this ongoing struggle with plantar fasciitis ... I mentally slowed down and drank in the moments ... the birds flitting around ... trees blooming ... puppies playing ... the SUN SHINING (that one was HUGE!).

Life isn't what we planned; it is so much more than we planned.  It's high time to stop focusing on the negative, digging deep, and despite the filth and grime of doing life, cling to those glimmers of positive.  They are all around us. Go ahead!  Eat the cake!