Tuesday, January 31, 2012



I know, right?  People pay big money for this sort of advice, and I'm doling it out for free. But it goes way beyond underwear; although, really, it should be said that clean and untouched by holes is always best. 

No, this little nugget of sage advice really speaks to the need for all of us to be prepared.  Preparedness is next to godliness ... or maybe that's cleanliness, but seriously, being prepared ... it is such a good characteristic to embrace.  I mean, the Boy Scouts are rocking the BE PREPARED motto.  From my point of view, it really comes down to this:
  • Be prepared to step up should the need arise.
  • Be prepared to show you are ready to do what it takes to get the job done.
  • Be prepared to prove how invaluable you are.
  • Be prepared to work hard and perhaps not get your just desserts.
  • Be prepared to put your best foot forward, even when your shoes are scuffed and torn.
  • Be prepared to rock it while you've got it.
  • Be prepared.
Okay, so perhaps it's time to clean that underwear drawer out.  What are you waiting for?  Let's get to it.  You never know when crisis will collide with your well-intentioned schedule.  Life is what you're doing while you're busy making plans, so BE PREPARED!

Monday, January 30, 2012


In honor of the fact that, beginning tomorrow, I have 21 more days until THE BIG ONE, I thought I would share some of the pearls of wisdom of my age.

I realize this doesn't amount to a lot in the whole grand scheme of wisdom and knowledge and stuff like that, but it's a good deal for me ... and the "almost 40 years" that I've lived on this Earth.  So, here goes ...

Pearl of Wisdom #21 ... (I'm working backwards here, people) .... POLYESTER PLEATED SKIRTS HAVE A WAY OF BOUNCING BACK IN YOUR FACE.

I know, right!?  This one is really profound, right?  Life as you know it just isn't the same now that you've had this little nugget dropped in your lap, right?  You can thank me later.

See, it's like this, in 5th grade, I was a pain in every one's butt, including my poor, long-suffering 5th grade teacher, Mr. Norris.  Somewhere, in Michigan, this man needs to know that I have become a teacher.  He needs to know this so that he can have peace of mind that I am being paid back, in spades, for every single wrong deed I undertook in his classroom ... or in the general vicinity of his classroom. 

So, if you know him, please drop him a line and let him know.  I have ten years in, and I would say that I am about a quarter of the way through the PAID IN FULL debt to the poor man.  After I am finished, I need to start in on my debt to my 4th grade teacher, Miss VanKampen.  Poor woman must have aged five years the year she had me in her room.


But I was talking about 5th grade ...

There was this one instance, in a whole, long line of instances that stands out in my mind ... a time I should have been actively listening, actively taking notes, probably in Social Studies -- I hated Social Studies --when I decided that I would much rather be doing ANYTHING in class than listening to Mr. Norris drone on about Social Studies and taking notes from the notes he was putting on the overhead in front of me -- technology at its best in 1982 and 1983.

So, I started playing with my polyester, pleated skirt.  Hey!  We were just out of the 70s, and pleats and polyester were all the rage ... and my mother still dressed me.  Were it up to me, I would have been in a ripped up pair of jeans and dirty t-shirt.  All I can say is that I've grown some since then, and for this, my mother is exceedingly thankful.

Here's the thing with polyester, see.  One of it's best properties as a fabric is that it has spring ... bounce ... it's stretchy.  It didn't take my bored, little 5th grade mind long to realize that if I pulled the fabric forward just a bit, it would bounce back in my lap. 

Hours of fun, folks!  Or at the very least, it will eat up a good 45-minute lesson. 

However, there's a problem with this particular line of experimentation, and that is that one often fails to predict, with any degree of accuracy, the length to which the polyester will actually travel in the backward springing motion. 

I failed to think this through carefully enough, and before I could say POLYESTER, that skirt went flying back and snapped me in my face, leaving me to reveal to all watching, (and Mr. Norris was watching, because I was on his "WATCH LIST" when it came to inattentive students) my unmentionables.

God bless, Mr. Norris.  He made a valiant effort at stifling the laugh. He really did.  He coughed and choked and bit his lip, before he just hung his head and laughed outright. 

My mother told me it served me right that my underwear were on display for all to view, seeing as I didn't find it within myself to actually pay attention. She was the picture of Nurturing Mother, wasn't she?  I can't really blame her.  She'd had five years of school history prior to this one in which to fully grasp the severity of the issue, that being that there was a distinct possibility she might either kill me or that I might be incarcerated for a large portion of my adult life. 

You can imagine her great pleasure that I am actually functioning part of society today.

And so you may be asking yourself, "what, exactly, am I to be taking from her polyester skirt?"   Ahh, good question, Grasshopper.  You should be taking the following:

Life can come and snap back in your face at the most inopportune moments, especially when you choose not to pay attention and be attentive.  Will you be ready for that?  Or will you be sitting there, underwear exposed to the world? It's always better to be present in life.  While not always entertaining, it is certainly better than showing off your flower-print panties.

This is a photo of a photo, so not too awesome in the quality department.  However, that's me, in about 1982, my sister Ann, and my youngest cousin Korey.  

Sunday, January 29, 2012

22 Days and Counting...

Circa 1972
By my calculations, I have 22 days until I can no longer say, "I'm in my 30s."

Only 22 more days before I have to go up a set of boxes on those surveys that request an age range.

Only 22 more days before I inevitably receive a premature mailing from AARP requesting immediate action for membership.

Circa 1975

Only 22 more days before I turn 40 and enter a world that I am not fearful or ... or sad about ... or anything other than exciting. Really.  I am not trying to convince myself of anything.  I really am excited about turning 40.  Every woman I know that entered her 40s has told me that they are the most fun they've had.

Circa 1976
So, only 22 more days until I begin a new and exciting chapter in my life ... until I discover things about myself that I didn't know were there.

Circa 1975
Only 22 more days until I am free of the turbulent 20s and the thoroughly confusing 30s.  Hello 40s, and bring it on!

An ode to some pretty bad hair!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have AAAAALLLLLL the technology in my classroom plugged into one electrical outlet.

Yeah.  I know.  It wasn't me.  I am bad, but not THAT bad.

So, it was just a matter of time before something was to go awry.  Fast-forward to yesterday morning, when I repeatedly attempted to turn the big screen television on, wherein my students could read the day's schedule.  Yeah ... nothing was happening.

It took me a bit to realize that there wasn't any power to the tv or to any of the items plugged into the same general outlet.  Being the concerned person I am, I called my principal to report what I was sure was a tripped circuit breaker.  I mean, what else could it be, right?

He dutifully checked for me, and nothing.  All was fine in the world of open and closed circuits. 

He was stumped, so he called in an electrician to solve the problem.

Now, I need to inform you, my intelligent  readers, that we've had some issues with mice.  Therefore, I deducted that perhaps some furry, yet germ-ridden rodent could be the cause of said electrical interference.  Especially in light of my teammate's recent discovery of a mouse head in her heater's blower motor.  Why couldn't his yet-to-be-discovered-body have caused an electrical shortage?

Today, my principal came up to me, and smiling deviously, said, "I have discovered your electrical problem."

"Really!  It was a mouse, wasn't it?"

"Nope," he smirked.  "Your extension cord wasn't plugged in."

Why yes!  That is blonde hair on top of my head.  Thanks for inquiring!

Monday, January 23, 2012


This looks like a lot of food, but really, it's a smallish sweet potato and two tiny chicken breast tenderloins.  I mixed some Kentucky Spice from The Old Honey Barn in a tablespoon or two of sour cream.  I slathered the tenderloins in that mixture and then rolled them in crushed up wheat saltines.  To keep them from sticking, I sprayed an iron skillet with vegetable spray and stuck it all in the oven on 385 degrees for about 45 minutes.

The sweet potatoes were made based on how they were served to me during a meeting with a bunch of people that all hail from Appalachia.  I'm not sure if this is a regional thing, the preparation of the sweet potatoes, but I LOVED it.  So, I copied it!

Scrub a sweet potato and slice into a few THICK slices.  Butter both ends and sprinkle both ends with brown sugar and cinnamon.  I stuck the potatoes in the oven midway through the cooking cycle of the chicken.  They were done by the time the chicken was done.

I'd plan to make a salad, but I got sidetracked and forgot.  Oopsies!

It was a delicious meal!  You must try it!

My thanks to Erin Peach for the chicken recipe -- I tweaked it for my tastes, but it was still amazing!


I created a buffet in my dining room by re-purposing a piece of furniture.

Emmy the Cat doesn't see it that way.  She feels like I moved the cabinet under the window so that she could be more comfortable why spying on the neighbors and viewing the birds and squirrels that run around outside of the window.  In fact, she is wondering what took me so long to realize she needed something cozier than the cold, marble window sill she had been perched upon.


My bedroom is a work in progress.  A very slow and arduous process. I have a vision in my mind of how I see the end result.  The end result and my pocket book and the resources available are not working together for good.  In fact, they are not playing well together in the sandbox AT. ALL.

My vision is that my room will be a romantic black and white theme with a hint of soft pinks and grays.  My sister is currently working some gray pinstripe pillows for me, and she sent me a "sneak peek" photo to me just moments ago ... well, let's just say, I'm in love!!!

The next item on my bedroom TO DO list was curtains.  Now, I must again reiterate that I HAVE a vision in my mind, that being these sweet, romantic, feminine sets of black and white curtain panels that is very Fleur de Lis in nature.  My search for just the right curtain panels has been an exercise in futility.  Such curtains either don't exist, are too expensive, exist but only in a too small size or waaaay too big size, aren't white enough, aren't black enough, or are not available in my area.

In the meantime, the ugly, ugly mini-blinds currently hanging in my bedroom are on their last legs.  Recently, as I've attempted to lower or raise them, they've staged a coupe of sorts, and I fear it's only a matter of time before they implode, and my room is left "wide open" to the masses, if you know what I mean.

So, you can imagine my annoyance when I marched into Walmart yesterday -- only after visiting Pier 1 Imports, Kohls, JcPenney, Kmart, and Lowes -- and looked at the various selections of plain, black curtain panels.

I went with one pair of the curtains below. Despite the lack of ironing that occurred, I liked that they were structured and heavy and looked like they were a little more expensive.  However, I HATE the grommets at the top.  U.G.L.Y.   I am not even sure I like the solid black.

So, I went back and got the curtains you see below.  I like the tabs at the top; however, they are thinner and cheesier-looking. Again, I am still not sold on the solid black, but my back is up against the wall on getting my windows covered at night.

Why won't the decorating gods work with me on this rather than against me?  What do you all think?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

On Being a Foodie ... Sorta

I pretend I'm a foodie ... some sort of snooty food lover that dines at only the finest eating establishments that our American culture can afford.

The truth is, Cracker Barrel is neither the finest in dining nor is it a quintessential example of American dining.

So, I pretend and am always so excited when I get the opportunity to eat at a place that truly views food as art.

I am currently sitting in a place in Midway, Kentucky, called Holly Hill Inn.   I'm in a meeting, and I will admit that while I was excited about going to the meeting (and this isn't always the case where meetings are concerned), I was even more excited about the opportunity to eat at this inn -- a place with quite the reputation for good, artistic food.

Let me just lay it out for you:

The first course was a salad course, and I chose the Woodford Salad (named after the county in which the inn is located).  For anyone that knows me well knows that a good, funky salad will make me happy for days.  Throw in some encrusted pecans, and you can't even peel me off the ceiling ... ever!   This salad didn't disappoint.  Full of fresh greens, red onions, oranges, and some amazing balsamic vinaigrette of some sort or another ... I mean, what other word can be used to describe it other than DIVINE?

The second course was the main course, and I chose the Chicken Etouffee.  While good, I think I would have loved to devour the Roast Pork on corn muffins with BBQ mustard sauce.  The gentelman next to me had that, and while I did like my meal, I had to fight myself to keep from stealing from his plate when he wasn't looking.

I thing that I liked least about my entree was the fact that it was parts of a whole chicken (those that know me best know that I'm a chicken breast girl, skinless, thank you very much.   Pretty sure I ate lotsa chicken skin with it, but because it was smothered in this amazing, slightly spicey sauce, I didn't mind.

The final course was the dessert course, and let's just say, it was the cherry on top of the meal.  Brown Butter Brownie in a Jar with Chocolate Ganache.  YOU HAD ME AT GANACHE!!!

It came in a jar, oh yes it did.  With a dollop of THE creamiest vanilla ice cream I've ever put in my mouth and fresh mint for garnish.  It was so thick, so rich, so decadent, I can feel the tooth decay forming as I type this.

These days, when I take a moment to savor the food I put in my mouth, I think, "Mmmmmm, I can do this.  I can cook food like this."

And then I go home, pull out my crock pot and my "Easy to Make One Pot Meals," and begin to prepare my Pepsi Pork Chops.

An Ode to Cleaning

In an attempt to extend the productivity I was experiencing at school (yes, I was a super productive,  number one, grade A, tree-killing, grade-giving beast yesterday!), I came home last night and determined to clean house.  And by clean house, I mean, I wanted a full-on cleaning wherein, no surface of my main living quarters would go untouched by some sort of cleaning product that, by all intents and purposes could be deemed cancer-causing.

To borrow a phrase from a well-known movie of my day, I wanted my house to "shine like the dome of the Chrysler Building, or your backsides will."  Okay, the last part of that phrase has little to nothing to do with the idea behind why I write this ode, but I do love quoting Miss Hannigan, in part because I feel sort of like Miss Hannigan on a daily basis at school.

But I digress.

The entire point of this ode is to sing the praises of two very amazing, dare I say, revolutionizing products that I have begun a rather scandalous cleaning affair with....

The first ode is to Multi-Purpose Pledge, which, in its very nature, is the epitome of my laziness.  I can take this amazing spray, drench a dust rag in it's lemony goodness, and wipe down my entire house from stem to stern, crown molding to the last inch of hardwood flooring, and everything becomes immediately dust-free.

Okay, so perhaps there aren't stems nor sterns in my house ... I am so new to this whole home ownership thing.  I have lived in the house for just under 15 months, and just recently, I ventured to the attic, and that one occurrence was only to stick my head through the hole in the ceiling where one enters one's attic if one were brave enough to do so.  There were a lot of joists and buttresses as well as some old Christmas lights and a suitcase which may or may not hold the wealth and treasures I've dreamed of uncovering, but I'm not entirely sure there were sterns or stems.

Ah, but once again, I digress.

I swathed, nay, I bathed my entire house in the lovely Multi-Purpose Pledge ... tables, chairs, mantles, mirrors, televisions, and The Cat, had she sat still long enough to allow such an offense to occur.  Alas, she has lived with me long enough to anticipate such lapses in judgement.  She anticipates these manic cleaning sessions.  She can react in cat-like quickness, good too, considering she's, well, a cat.

That stuff ... Multi-Purpose Pledge ....  it is the SCHIZZ NITZ!

The final product to which I owe an ode, not to mention a debt of gratitude, is my Shark Steam mop, delivered to me, on Christmas Day, by Santa and Mrs. Claus.  They live in Michigan, by the way.  Did you know that?  It's true.  Santa and Mrs. Claus live in Michigan.

My Shark Steam mop makes short order of cleaning my floors, and I've got to tell you, I hate cleaning my floors.  Lest you underestimate my lack of commitment where my floors are concerned, let me just tell you that my floors get mopped once in a Blue Moon, or when a total eclipse of the sun or your heart occurs, which ever one comes first!  I know!  I live very closely to the way seven male college co-eds would live, complete with paper towel coffee filters, and somewhere in Michigan my mother is rolling her eyes, rubbing her furrowed brow and muttering annoyed, "I taught her better than this," but it's true.  I don't do floors.  So anything that makes that ugly job just a wee bit easier for me, and entertains me in the process, is worth it's weight in North Pole magic!  And this steaming baby is definitely worth it!

Today, when I woke up, unnaturally early, due in part to The Cat's insistence on playing (who plays at 5 a.m., really!?), my house sparkled and shone (or at least I think that's what those stars in my eyes were as I stumbled to the coffee maker), and there was a hint of lemon in the air (and not a hint of old, sweaty gym sock anywhere).

Yes, Multi-Purpose Pledge, Steam Shark, how I love thee .... let me count the ways ... let me sing your praises ... and bow to your glorious, beauty of housecleaning prowess ... you are my sun, my moon, my living, my dying ...

Me?  Melodramatic?  Ummm....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Brilliance of the Moment

Yesterday evening ... okay, maybe it was early this morning ... I made a decision. 

I feel it's steeped in good intentions.   It has my sanity in mind.  It has my desire to be the best person I can be in mind.

What is that decision, you might be asking?  What Earth-shattering epiphany have I had that will turn the orbit of the planets counter-clockwise?

I am no longer taking stuff home.  To be specific, I am no longer taking home, daily, school stuff.

I know!  It goes against the grain of all that is a teacher, right? 

But here's the thing (and for those of you that don't know, I just broke a 4th grade rule of NEVER, EVER starting a sentence with BUT or AND ... big pet peeve of mine).  BUT here's the thing ... when I take stuff home, it sits in the bag, festering, while I work on the domestic chores at hand, usually tons of domestic chores ... like laundry ... laundry that's been sitting there for days ... okay, a week and a half.  Don't judge!

And (see, there I go again!), I never get anything out of that bag because I'm trying to fit a work-out in ... and dishes ... and meal planning ... and all the other stuff that needs to happen once I get home.

This is not to say that I won't EVER bring stuff home.  There are going to be times I will need to so.  However, my new rule is this:

Whatever cannot be done between 6 a.m. and 7:15 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. and 5 p.m., isn't going to get done.  Period.  End of story.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  That was my moment of brilliance.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Eight Random Things that Have Nothing to do with Each Other

The following are eight random things that have nothing to do with one another.  They are random ... I'm warning you.

1.)  I am not going to get Christmas cards out.  It's not happening.  I figure...we've already seen 17 days of the Year 2012 come and go, and so, why bother, right?  I look at it this way -- I'm just super prepared for Christmas 2012 now!  I mean, I even have some of the envelopes already addressed!  Beautiful, right?

2.)  I'm getting old.  That is the only reason to explain why my left hip aches ... all. the. time.  What a sad, sad day, when it hurts to sit criss-cross applesauce style for more than five seconds.

3.)  Clothes don't wash themselves.  No.  It's true. I've tested the theory out.  Since Saturday, I have waited for the piles to spontaneously wash themselves.  It hasn't happened.  I suppose I'm going to have to do something about that.

4.)  Moscato is good.  That's it.  That's all I wanted to say about it.

5.)  We had a nasty storm blow through today around lunchtime.  Whenever we have a nasty storm blow through, I have a nasty headache.  Today?  Nothing.   Now that the nasty storm is gone, I have a headache.  I don't get my body.  I just don't get it.

6.)  Exercise isn't going to happen tonight.  I just have way too much to do ... like blog with you all.

7.)  I am irrationally afraid of the stomach flu.  Children have been projectile puking all over the school, and I can't find a Haz-Mat suit fast enough.  Seriously.  You think I jest.  I don't.

8.)  There was once a brilliant idea for a fantastic evening dinner.  But then I got home, and left-overs sounded so much better.  So, the brilliant idea will have to wait.

There they are.  Eight random things that have nothing whatsoever to do with each other. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Sunday, January 08, 2012


Well, it's that time of year again ... time to get back into a routine.  School begins tomorrow -- well, it actually began last Friday, but tomorrow is the start of the first real week.

I was soooooo excited to be able to get back into a routine after the holidays ... I knew that was the only way I was going to get a handle on my out-of-control, couch-potato-hermit-like lifestyle.   This weekend was suppose to be the jump-start I needed to get my discipline together and get my life back in order.

And then The Migraine happened.  I attempted to ignore it ... that got me no where but in bed, moaning in agony.

This evening, I feel like I am not ready for the week, but that's okay.  I refuse ... REFUSE, do you hear me!?  I refuse to get all stressed out and weird on anyone because I am not fully prepared.  Here's what I've come to realize:

Life is too short to stress about it.  This situation is what it is.  I could not have guessed that I would be sick with a migraine, and that nothing I planned to do would actually get done this weekend.

Eventually, it will get done. Nothing to freak out about ... absolutely nothing.

With two weeks into the first month of 2012, I am embracing this new me ... the me that is out to enjoy life and not complain about it.  God has richly blessed me, and I need to enjoy those blessings.  Period.  End of story.

So bring on the routine.  I will rejoice in the beauty of the routine.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


The dining room buffet.  It now houses all the "Sunday Company" dishes.   Thus, the space in my kitchen has been freed for all other things kitcheny.  I tell you, my life has been revolutionized today!


I rearranged a TON of stuff in my dining room and kitchen.  I also created a pantry of sorts in my living room closet, which meant I had to shift stuff that I use for decorating to the basement.  WHEW!  I'm exhausted!  And starving!

Here's what I've done so far today ...

"I'd like to thank all the little people that helped me ..."   Actually, she was not very much help at all, when she was snoring away on the sofa.  

This is the little pantry area in my living room closet (which is HUGE) where I am keeping those appliances that I use, but not daily.  Thanks, Mom!  This was a brilliantly inspired idea! 

I rearranged cabinets so that now all "everyday" plates,  bowls and such are together.  Also, I have a spot for wine glasses and water bottles/coffee mugs!  Yay me!  By the way, I HATE that wallpaper border.

I put my Spaghetti String collection on the top shelf of the cabinets  above my sink.  The bottom shelf is now home to crackers, snacks, hot chocolate and stuff.   It seems so illogical, but it works.

Now, all of my glasses and coffee mugs are to the left of my sink, and in direct line of the coffee maker.  Easy access on those "stumble into the kitchen exhausted" mornings.

All baking staples are now in the cabinet right next to my stove.  It just works soooooooo much better than were I had all that stuff before.

All cooking "equipment" that is used with a great deal of frequency are now housed in my "giant' cabinet on my kitchen "island."  Much more room to work around.

Another view of said cabinet.

My kitchen cabinet is now the home for those baking and cooking items that are used frequently, but are ... how do I put this ... plastic, etc.  Make sense?


The holidays are officially over ... all the family has left, and the house seems eerily quiet.  It won't be long before Emmy the Cat and I get back into the swing of single-hood and quiet houses and a routine and stuff.  But for now, I'm feeling a bit lonely and nostalgic and, well, sad.  I can't help it.  I love being surrounded by the people I love and miss them dearly when they leave.  Even when my sister comes for a visit in the evening (or I go to see her)... I miss her when she leaves.  It's the lot in life for those that are social butterflies ... or just extremely talkative.

This morning, while spending quiet time alone in the, well, QUIET, I was convicted ... convicted because 2011 was not my best year in terms of my attitude.  Quite frankly, I think it stunk ... on more than a few occasions I was cranky and whiny.  I passed judgement when I should have just let it (whatever IT might have been) go.  I missed opportunities.  I didn't love enough on people that probably needed it.  I complained waaaaay too much.  I missed the joy in life ... in the small moments that pass us by while we're too busy being busy.  In short, I wasn't a nice person.

Now, I have had to create some boundaries this year.  More than what I would like, in order to hang on to a modicum of my sanity at times.  However, I may have gone a bit over-board in the boundary department ... to the point that I became a hermit ... and, actually liked it!  

I think that is why I was so looking forward to 2012 so much.  It's a do-over, and Lord knows, I've needed one.  In fact, truth be told, He's been nudging me to get a do-over started nigh unto January 2, 2011!

So, I must apologize to my family!  If I was crabby, cranky, out of sorts, and generally not always a joy to be around the last 10 days ... or 12 months, I am so very sorry.  I hate that I might have spent any of the last 10 days hurting your feelings or making you feel less than welcome or loved.  I TRULY love you all and miss you all dearly when we aren't together.  I am working on finding joy and contentment in the simple things and not in wishing things away to a point that I've worked myself into a fit of headaches and stomach issues, etc., etc., etc.

To my friends ... if I wasn't there when you needed me ... or my stressed out self was more than you could take ... or my whining and complaining and general attitude of morose was more like fingernails on your proverbial chalk board, I sincerely apologize.  I am working on being a better person ... I'm a work in progress.

I was reminded this morning how truly blessed I am, and how often I take all of this for granted.  This year, 2012 will be an amazing year because you will all be there with me ... experiencing some or all of it alongside of me.  This year, 2012, will be an amazing year because I have all of you in my life ... loving me ... cheering for me ... and sticking by when I have one of those whining, horrible, no good, attitudes.

I love each and every one of you!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I am re-purposing some items in my house.  This cabinet may be  part of my craft room  project a little later on , but for now, it sits in the corner of my dining room!

I have re-purposed my old TV cabinet to a dining room buffet.  I am planning on painting it ... just not sure what color yet.  Suggestions?

The brand new tv console!!! I sort of goofed and bought one that is only made for a flat screen ... oops!  My dad assures me that since I don't have children, my TV will be just fine.  Tomorrow, I will be rearranging stuff in my kitchen to accommodate food and stuff.  

Monday, January 02, 2012

WELCOME 2012!!!!!

I have never been so excited to see a New Year, as I have this one.

Why, you ask?

Well, for starters, I spent the better part of 2011 whining ...

  • whining about how stressed I was
  • whining about how much I hate graduate school
  • whining about the amount of work I have to do on a daily basis
  • whining about all the stuff I have to do at home
Whining takes a lot out of a girl, and as the year rolled on, it made me crabby ... grumpy ... and generally sour. I don't like it when I'm generally sour.  I doubt many others do either.  I just don't have any fun when I'm sour, and I want to have more fun.  I don't have fun when I'm whining.

As I looked to the end of the Christmas season, sadly, I began to contemplate new beginnings ... turning new leaves ... do-overs ... and I realized it made no sense going back over my goals for 2011.  They were and are sooooo over. Rather, I needed to look to 2012 with great anticipation.  It has some pretty cool things in store for me.

First off, I will begin my inaugural year in my 40s.  I am excited, and I'm not just saying that to convince myself. I really am looking forward to a new chapter.

Secondly, I will finally graduate from my masters program, and while I've spent the better part of two years moaning about the entire process, it is a big accomplishment that might require a big party.

Thirdly, I am finally going to embrace DISCIPLINE.  For so long, that has been I word I've abhorred, but what I have come to realize is that it is actually something to embrace ... we all need a little discipline in order to survive.  Otherwise, we would have complete and total chaos.

Fourthly, I am not going to give myself a bunch of goals that I won't be able to accomplish.  I hate failure, and the least little thing that might smack of failure is more than I can take.

So, I am looking at five little things that I want to try to accomplish this year, and they are:

  1. Get this place (i.e., house) organized
  2. Have a plan for more exercise
  3. Eat more veggies
  4. Entertain more
  5. Get out of the house more
I have some plans in place, and I am excited about the future.  So much growth on my part, if you knew me well at all. So, maybe 2011 wasn't a complete wash after all.

So, WELCOME 2012!  Come on in. Sit down.  Have a cup of coffee ... or tea.  Whatever you prefer.  but get ready to have some fun!  It's going going to be a great year!