Attack Cat

I love holiday socks.  Through the years, I have collected a startling amount of holiday socks, and it seems that Christmas is my most popular type of holiday sock.  This goes without saying, no?

A few weeks back, I found myself at Target and immediately at the bargain bin of socks.  $1 for holiday socks is irresistible in my mind's eye, and so I grabbed a handful!  One pair of the socks was earmarked for my secret pal at work -- an adorable pair of blue socks with snowmen and snowflakes dotting the socks.  Something that can carry right into January!  Brilliant on my part, I was pretty certain.

Oftentimes, when I get home from stores, I have a bad habit of leaving my purchases, junk mail, keys, purses, and assorted other items on my counter.  I am looking for someone to blame this on, but so far, I have not found a suitable blamee.  And so it was that the pair of socks found their way to the pile of other assorted items on the counter, for quite a few days, I guess.  Sadly, I've lost count of how long, exactly, they sat there with the rest of the mess.

The other morning, I stumbled out into my kitchen to make my coffee, and I found those socks on the floor.  I really didn't think much about the find at the time ... perhaps they fell off the top of the heaping pile rapidly growing and spreading?  Not too concerned, I picked them up and again placed them on the top of the pile. 

Fast-forward to this morning, when I grabbed those socks, hell-bent on delivering them to my secret pal. 

Thankfully, I was distracted when I got to school, because when I picked them up later on, I realized two very important things:
  1. They were COVERED in cat hair. And I don't just mean a little cat hair.  We're talking, these things could be their own species!
  2. They were also covered in tiny teeth holes and nail picks.
It would seem that Emmy the Cat hopped up on the forbidden counter whilst I slept and set about killing the socks.  And she did a valiant job at it too.  They are limp ... they are war torn, and they are definitely NOT suitable for my secret pal any more. 

So begins the merry holiday season at the Murray household, wherein the cat will do her level best to tear every ounce of cheer out of the holiday decorations.


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