Because I am 43 -- because I own a cat, there is this obvious (and if we're being honest here, hurtful) stereotype that many jump to where I am concerned.  That being one of The Crazy Cat Lady. 

Let's just dispel that stereotype now. 
1.) I LOVE my cat.  She is more human than some of the humans I know. 
2.) Dude!  My cat has more personality than your cat!
3.) I have other interests besides my very cool cat.
4.) I have lots of friends just as into their animals as I am into mine (did I mention how cool she was?).
5.)  I only have one cat.  ONE.  Please.  If you knew Her Royal Hiney at all, you would know that she is a handful.  One of her equals two or three cats under the same roof. 

Listen, I am NOT the crazy cat lady.

Crazy TO DO LIST lady?  Well, that's another story entirely.  I have TO DO lists EVERYWHERE.  Absolutely everywhere. 

The problem with my TO DO lists is that I put absolutely everything down on them that I want to accomplish in a one day period only the items could easily fill a week and still not achievable. 

I have a sickness.

I have yet another large, lengthy, ridiculous TO DO list and only two days with which to tackle it. It goes something like this:

1. Laundry (this shouldn't be too bad ... most of it was done last week ... just a few things to tackle ... bedding mostly ... why am I telling you this?  To rationalize it's existence on the list?  Who knows!).
2. Clean out closets. 
3. Clean out basement.
4. Go through seasonal clothes and toss what doesn't fit or looks decent.
5. Make a list of summer items needed (anyone else notice the irony in making a list on a TO DO list?)
6. Clean out the flower beds
7. Plant flowers.
8. Plant seeds that should have been planted a month ago!
9. Clean out the back beds.
10.  Edge EVERY THING.
11. Trim bushes .... again.
12. Scrape garage door.
13. Look for pots for house numbers (it's an idea I found on Pinterest ... you know? The place where a person thinks they can be uber craft!)
14.  Precook dinners for the end of the year.
15. Fold the PILES of clothes you keep tripping over.
16. Remake bed ... today!  (I tend to forget that until the very last minute)
17. Read!

Even I realize this is an impossible task, and yet, I am up for the task.  I will trick myself into thinking I can do it all!

See what I mean?  It's a sickness.


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