Bitchy McPissy Pants

I suppose I felt a bit too confident about this new school year.  Like I'd gotten a bit too big for my britches. But I really wasn't panicking like I normally am days before school starts.  Perhaps that is what got me in the end.

Perhaps it was because I didn't feel like I got any vacation ... just a break.  Nice, but it would have been nice to get a change of scenery. 

It might have been that I have just been consumed by some money worries.

Whatever the reason, I started school and was immediately mired in a workload that is almost insurmountable.  The kids have been great!  Do I have some handfuls?  Absolutely!  I have them every year, but the miring ... the insurmountable stuff ... that's what twisted my britches.

May I introduce you all to Bitchy McPissy Pants?

I am seriously considering a number of polo shirts, in different colors, with that new name embroidered on the front.  That way folks know before I open my mouth and make them sorry they decided to whine to me. 

A forewarning of sorts ...

Kind of like this:   "RED ALERT! RED ALERT!!  Bitchy McPissy Pants will show no empathy for your prattle about stupid crap.  She will tolerate no whining about stupid decisions you've made in your life.  Bitchy McPissy Pants will inform you that you need to pull up your Big Girl panties and get on with it. She will not stroke your ego and make sure you feel better about the poor relationship/financial/ego-boosting decisions you make.  She is Bitchy McPissy Pants."


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