It Has Been A While ...

I have neglected my dear readers.  I know that. 

Insert my sad face here.

My teary-eyed emoji.

Do you know I had to Google emoji?  I figured it was Japanese in nature, but still....I'm hopelessly unhip.

Since school started, I've been on a merry-go-round that won't stop moving, and I feel that I am doing a good job, I can never ever keep up ... ever.

Yesterday, September 6th, I actually cleaned a giant pile off my table that had been sitting there since approximately August 6th.  Okay, granted, part of it is now in a pile on the floor, but give me some credit for getting the pile taken care of.

I used to function so much better with my piles, but as I've gotten older ... and grumpier, piles drive me crazy!  And really, I've been lying to myself all this time.  I can't find a dag-blamed thing in those piles. Not one thing.

So, today, it's my goal to get my mental piles cleaned up. 

I am going to dust the writing cob webs off and ply you with tons and tons of just witty writing.

Actually, what you're going to get is a disjointed, rambling glop that I am going to pass off as writing in my attempt at cleaning out the cobwebs of my mind.

Sit back.  Enjoy.  Wonder at the bizarre twists and turns my mind takes.


Anonymous said…
SINGLE LIFE IS FANTASTIC! I love having my own house, my own money (what is left after bills), come and go when I please, cereal for dinner if I want, watch what I want on TV, sit around in my sweat pants with no one to impress, and just take in the peace and quiet after a hard day at work! Been to the other side, it is not all roses and rainbows, but hard work and dedication. The hard work and dedication can still lead to heartbreak and divorce.. So to all the single haters who think we are old maids and feel sorry for us for not having children, DON'T BOTHER, WE ARE HAPPY TOO, maybe even happier than you!!

Dee from Michigan
Anonymous said…
sorry on the wrong post!!

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