Today has been a struggle.

You name it ... physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, professionally, nutritionally, relationally, fashionally, ...

Really?  You want me to go on?  Because I could.  I could pull some -ally words out of places you really don't want me to pull them.  I really could.

I am not sure why it's been a struggle.

Maybe because I just watched my Facebook movie over the last ten years of wasted time on that time suck and saw my life flash before me in very unflattering photos.

It could be due to being asked more times than I care to even calculate if there were any single men at the Super Bowl Party I went to.

The weather?  It could be the weather.  Kentucky has spoiled me.  It made me think that winters down here were pretty well sans snow, like the snow I am used to in Michigan ... that we had to shovel over and over and over and over and over ...

Winter has been a cruel friend this year, hitting me with crazy winter storms and ugly single digit temperatures.

I fear for what Spring has up her floral-printed sleeve.  Yes, Spring wears floral prints.  What of it?!

There's the smallest possibility that it's the amount of meetings I've been required to go to this year.  Yeah, that might be it. Or the fact that nothing I do seems just quite good enough.  Maybe that's it.

Perhaps it's the state of things in the world today, what with the lack of world peace and all.

Whatever it is, yesterday, I said out loud, in a public forum, for tons and tons of people to witness it, that I chose contentment over fussy and grumpy.

I suspect that's like praying for patience.  I suspect this because today, all I've been is grumbly and complainy and grouchy and fussy ... lest we forget whiny.  I've been whiny.

I have a bag full of stuff to do.  For the life of me I can not screw up the motivation to do them.

I think I am going to take my festering jumble of grumbly, complainy, grouchy, fussy self and head to bed.


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