I tend to be a planner.  

Don't get me wrong.  I enjoy a certain amount of spontaneity, but my character, my fiber, my being?  It needs a schedule.  I function better under a schedule.

Thanksgiving weekend is my scheduled time to get my Christmas decorations up.  If I don't, then it is a week-long process, wherein, my house is torn apart trying to get things on the tree (and the cat out of it), rearrange the house, and make it seem less like someone puked up Christmas and more like someone lovingly placed splashes of Christmas spirit all over my house.

Yeeaaaaah.  Doesn't look like that right now.

Thanksgiving weekend didn't go as planned.  

My sister came to stay, and we had a blast!!  But then, on Saturday, when she was supposed to leave for Cincinnati, she had a car problem instead.  So, we spent another day kicking around town and having a good time just hanging.  Wouldn't give that time up for the world!

Sunday, I got home from church, did lesson plans, and then collapsed on the couch and hibernated ... for like two and a half hours!  

Soooo, Christmas is in piles around my house this morning, and it was driving me crazy!!  Add to that, a nasty, passive-aggressive meeting with a very passive-aggressive individual that just left me wanting to give, not just a piece of my mind, but the whole dag-blasted THING ... in colorful language, no less.  

I was fussy heading to school this morning.  

Then, I read a blog piece by a woman in the next county over ... an anniversary of sorts.  She was recounting what she was doing a year ago.  A year ago, she was being rushed to the hospital with a terrible facial/optical injury following a car accident.  Life and vision for her changed at that moment.   

She wrote about perspective.  Perspective for her as been valuable.  

Hmmm ... perspective is valuable.  

My schedule is off.  VERY off.

But who cares.  

I have a warm, inviting house to come home to each day.  I have friends and family that love and value me.  I have a job, albeit, maddening, that pays the bills.  

The phrase I am blessed is such an overused term, but dude!  I. Am. Blessed. 


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