On Saturday, while driving to Yoga, I noticed something.

Leaves.  They were fluttering off of trees ... at an alarming rate.

Then, today, I noticed something else.  Tomorrow?  It's going to be September!

How did that happen?

How did four weeks of school just happen?  How did four weeks of crazy schedules and sleepless nights and exhaustion in the mornings and fighting to get it all done and fun learning experiences with excitement rippling through the classroom ... how did that all happen?

How is it going to be September already?

If I'm not careful, I'm going to wake up tomorrow, and it will be December 1st!

But I do love fall, though.  I love the smell of the earth during fall ... the smell of burning leaves ... the crispness in the air ... hoodies ... the feel of that soft sweater pulled on the first time ... the cozy decorations ... and the harvest of fresh apples and pumpkins ... the sounds of fall ... the spiciness of fall ... yes, I do love fall.

I don't love winter, however, and that, sadly, comes right after fall, and that fact, I will admit, has me in a bit of a panic.

I enjoy the first time I wear my winter coat and mittens.  The very first time. After that?  A colossal pain in my rump, and I am soooooo over the layers and fighting static cling and dry skin and the flu season ...

It's inevitable .... like death and something hanging between your teeth when you are meeting someone new.  Winter will come. There is nothing I can do to stop it.

So, I suppose I will enjoy allllll that Fall has to offer before I embrace the doldrums of winter.


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