I noticed a daffodil on the verge of blooming in my front flower bed over this past weekend. The first sign that Spring is flirting with us.

I have been thinking a lot about seasons lately.

Literal seasons.  Spiritual seasons. Seasons of friendship.  Seasons of life.

I awoke this morning to the sounds of birds twittering and chirping.  Another sign of Spring! Their songs energized my soul, and despite my very, deep-seated desire to stay in bed, my soul soared with their song.  New life is beginning to take root!

I am not sure what it is about the sunshine and the comfortable warmth of that Spring sun on my skin, but suddenly, I feel alive!

After a season of dormancy and hibernation, these little signs of Spring reveal the birth of a new season.

It's a birth of a new season in my heart as well.

This has been a very lengthy season of dormancy.  I've felt alone in a sea of people.  I've felt like an island, desolate and barren.  I've felt defeated and broken and unworthy and inconsequential.  It was a season of isolation.

But slowly, like the delicate yellow bloom of that daffodil, my soul is beginning to unfurl, and as I step from the cloud of others' judgement (and my own), I am finding my way again. I am seeing my purpose and the excitement of seeing the sun dapple the road ahead of me gives me a renewed sense of being.

Seasons are shaping.  They each hold a purpose in our lives. They cause us to reflect ... to worship ... to build ... to tear down ... to step back ... to jump forward ... to barrel ahead in grand abandon ... to step off the path and let others pass by in quiet solitude ...

I am feeling renewal.  I am feeling purposeful.  I am feeling new again. With the change of seasons comes all of these things ...


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