A friend and I went to a new, local eatery for dinner this evening.  I won't tell you where because, A.) It isn't important, and B.) It isn't my intention to dog any one in this post.

I merely want to make a point.

I decided on a personal pizza.  I initially read the menu incorrectly, so I thought I was ordering a pizza for $8.99.  What I failed to read was the that each topping was $1.00.  I ordered a pizza with ham and pineapple.  Altogether, it should have equated to $10.99.

The server, when she took my order, said, "Oh, I will just give you the Hawaiian without the peppers."

"Great!" I said.  I assumed, since she was putting it in as Hawaiian that it was the same amount as the $10.99 pizza I was ordering.

All was great, including the pizza!  I had a fabulous time catching up with my friend.  Then I got the bill.  With a drink, the bill came to $14 and some change!  Waaaaay more than I expected.

So, I asked to see the menu.  The first issue was my misreading of the menu that I mentioned earlier, but then I looked to see what the Hawaiian cost.  $11.99!  Now, it's nit-picky, I know, but basically what she was doing was overcharging me a $1.00, which, I'm sorry, is just not cool.

So, I brought it up to her, kindly.  I even admitted that it was nit-picky, but a $1.00 is a $1.00, right!?

"Is there something wrong with the bill," she asked.

"Well, it's just that I ordered this pizza, and it should come to $10.99.  You charged me $11.99."

"Right.  I told you that I would put it in as a Hawaiian."

"Yes, but you charged me a $1 extra."

"But you said you were okay with it."

"You're right, I did. But I assumed they were the same price rather than you overcharging me."

"I mean, it's only a $1.00."

Here's the deal, it's only a $1 until it's only $2 and then only $3 and then only $40!  It should never be okay to overcharge a customer.  Ever. I will tip you.  I always tip you, and I always do at least 10% (in case of really poor service), and I will usually go the now accepted 15% to 20% because I get it.  We are all busting our tails for the money.  I will NEVER, EVER short you a tip or make you feel less than you are.  So to rationalize that it's only a $1 is just not a very good technique to validate that you are overcharging me.  Ever.

She fixed the mistake.  To show that I was not being ugly, she received just under a 15% tip.

Those dollars add up, and when you are scrimping and saving to make it each month, those dollars add up fast.

It's just a dollar, indeed!


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