Y'all ... I am not even going to bother with the excuses for why I've not written anything on here since sometime in April.

Why, you ask?

Well, number one, none of the excuses are any good.

Two, you've heard them all any way.

Three, let's be honest here, I am, by my very nature, lazy, and sometimes, writing is work.

What I am going to say is WHERE IN THE WORLD DID SUMMER GO?

I mean, yes, I realize, it isn't over, and if you are lucky enough to live in Kentucky, it won't be over until some time around October 1st.

No, what I mean is, where in the world did my summer break go?  What happened to it?

I'll tell you what happened to it.  I BLINKED!

Well, first I got sick ... then I wrenched my back ... then I blinked!

I had such big plans for summer ... all the things I wanted to do ... all the places I wanted to travel ...

Then reality kicked in, and I realized, oh yeah!  I don't have money for all those things and places. So, I cuddled up with a good book and watched some birds.

So, today was my last official day of summer. Starting tomorrow, I will be working my fanny off (and it needs to be worked off, let me just tell you) to get my proverbial butt in gear for next year.  I have stuff I want to hang in my room ... lesson plans I want to finish ... general things that need doing before those kiddos step into my room and enter THE FOURTH GRADE (insert echo-y voice here).

It would stand to reason then that things would start to, shall we say, fall apart.

The first crumble? My truck dome lights started clicking, and while they were clicking, they were coming on and off.  I noticed this last week, of course, but I just sorta marked it up to weird instances.  Then yesterday, while pulling into my garage, I noticed my headlights were doing the same thing.  I think I knew instantly that nothing good could come of this flashing on and off business.

As luck would have it ... or some such thing ... my gut was correct.  Nothing good has come of that flashing lights issue.  Turns out, the circuit board that controls those lights?  Yeah, it's going bad, and to replace the circuit board will take an act of God and some major cash because that circuit board?  Yeah, it's made of gold ... I mean, it has to be to cost $550!  And that doesn't include labor!

Of course, today would not be complete unless I took what I thought was the school Walmart card to purchase some supplies for my room, only to discover that the card wasn't in the envelop.  So, I bought the supplies with my own money.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh.  Otherwise, you're going to cry.

Here's to a great start to a new school year!  May it be a lot less eventful than my current state of affairs!

Cheers, one and all!


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