Laughter is the BEST Medicine

As I was attempting to do something creative (sic: taming it into place) with my hair this morning, I was reminded of a funny thing that happened over the summer while I was home visiting. I blogged about it here: I can't explain why I thought of this particular incident on that particular day while getting my hair "did," but it floated into my mind, and I have to tell you ... it made me smile ... even chuckle a bit. It also made me exceedingly thankful.

Thankful? For seeing an old, wrinkled, nekkid man (how we say it down in these parts)?

No! Not thankful for seeing an old, wrinkled, nekkid man! I'm thankful for the gift of laughter. I come from a long line of folks that love to laugh. Big goofs that love nothing better than to tell stories, and not just any stories, but stories that will make you howl. I come from a family of one-liners. Normal, educated individuals that are quicker with the one-liners than some of our best comedians.

And it doesn't really matter what sort of gathering or event it is, there is something to laugh about. There always is!

On July 4th, of all days, when we saw the old, nekkid man mowing his lawn ... in broad daylight, we laughed the rest of the day about that. Every ounce of conversation we had seem to revolve around that incident, and there was more than one time, one of us came close to wetting our pants ... for some of us, it's easier to come close to doing than others of us.

I'm blessed. I'm blessed that despite the circumstances, I can find the humor in life. It is the best medicine of all ...


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