The Inadvertent Shoplifter

My air conditioning decided to get very ill this weekend ... a holiday weekend ... a weekend in which I could incur massive amounts of unneeded charges because I've had the absolute gall to call a service man out on the aforementioned holiday weekend.

It happens to be approximately 100 and REALLY HOT degrees out right now! Combine that with the fact that my AC isn't working, and, well, I'm pretty sure I've killed A LOT of brain cells stewing in the heat.

I've done some things to make sure I've been cool today ... things like eating a PIG'S BRUNCH with my good friend, Elly, and her husband, John. Then I went to Kohl's and spent some Kohl's cash -- I picked up two birthday gifts too! My fatal error was going home to take a nap. That is where the Death of the Brain Cells really occurred. And, of course, the deal was sealed when I stood in the 100 and REALLY HOT degrees and witnessed Union and Confederate bands parade down St. Clair Mall this afternoon.

So, you can imagine that by the time I got to Pier 1 Imports, where I thought I'd try to cool down some more, I was not really firing on all cylinders. Quite honestly, I'm not entirely sure how many cylinders I have any more ... pretty sure I've killed a couple over the course of the years.

I've been meaning to get a plate hanger, and when I ran across them in Pier 1, I snatched one up. It was mounted on a heavy piece of cardboard, perfect for fanning oneself when one sweats even in the comfort of an air conditioned store.

I wandered every aisle, picked up most of the merchandise, and I drooled over all the fun fall decorations, all the while suffering through a nasty headache. When the pain got so bad, I decided to leave, still fanning myself, as I stepped out of the store and into the parking lot. It was only then that I realized I was still holding the plate hanger ... the one I hadn't paid for!

Had it not occurred to me then, I'm not entirely sure it when it might have occurred to me. In fact, I feel relatively confident that I might have awakened tomorrow morning and wondered when the plate had been hung on my wall!


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