I get my hair cut every four weeks.  I am pretty anal retentive about it too, all because of a girl I knew once that never got her hair cut.  The split ends, oh the split ends!!!  Plus, my mom was pretty insistent that we not run around looking like something the cat drug in ... something she had to fight against with me most of my elementary school days.  Thankfully, I've discovered GLAMOUR Magazine .... and personal hygiene and stuff these days.

During my last few visits to the salon, I had begun to get bored with my hair.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my short, spunky hair.  But I wanted something different ... something not so me.  Susan, my stylist talked me into a "coppery color," but my only insistence was having some blonde chunks right in the front.

Fast-forward to Thursday, and you have ME ... as a redhead! 

I am having a lot of fun with this new color and the reactions I am getting from folks that are used to seeing me as a blonde.  However, the most befuddling, albeit expected, response was from my fourth graders.  While I received lots of approvals, there were a few in the crowd that didn't, at all, appreciate the lack of notice I gave (read: NONE) on the sudden change in hair color.  As one child put it, "I much prefer a blonde teacher.  This color you've got now, well, it just doesn't match."

I am not sure what it is suppose to match, but it doesn't, according to her.

Oh well!  I am having fun as a redhead ... and I may just keep it this way for a while.  We shall see!


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