It is my second OFFICIAL day of Summer Break, and it's the second day of me wandering around this house, picking something up, walking around with it, and then setting it down again, only to wander around again and attempt to remind myself what I initially started wandering around for in the first place.  

No, I am not dealing with Alzheimer's disease.  It's called I AM A TEACHER AND AM TRYING TO REGAIN THE USE OF MY BRAIN AGAIN.

Exhaustion has officially reared its ugly head. 

Well, that's not quite true.  Exhaustion has always been there.  It's just that now I have sat silently for more than 5 seconds, and my head has lolled over to the side, and what the heck!?  I'm snoring!

Twelve years, I've been observing this thing called SUMMER BREAK, and that crazy, fog-filled first week still catches me by surprise ... 

And I end up like this ... 

I eventually come to, and I discover the joy that is SUMMER BREAK.  But these first few days are 48 to 72 hours of pointless wandering through rooms, crazy sleep-in habits with lots of naps. 

In anticipation of me regaining consciousness eventually, I have some goals for myself.  They are as follows ... 

I've messed up on three already, but I am not really conscience.  So, I get a do over, right?

Here's to the BEST summer yet!


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