SUMMER GOALS ... revisited

As you may recall, I had a few summer goals.  Someone just asked me about them earlier in the week, and I had to laugh, mainly because I had to refresh my mind as to what they were in the first place.  Never a good sign!

  1. READ 10 BOOKS ... okay, I am in the middle of reading my 5th one right now.  That's not bad.  Granted, it's not good either, but listen.  I tried. I know, that's a lame excuse. 
  2. WALK THREE MILES SIX DAYS A WEEK ... I walked three miles 5 days a week. I am counting it.  Yes, it is bending the rules, but I'm entitled.
  3. KEEP MY FLOWER BEDS WEEDED ... okay, I did GREAT on this in the beginning of the summer.  However, a quick assessment last night tells me I've slacked off.  At least there are still more flowers than weeds.  
  4. KEEP HOUSE TIDY ... I've succeeded the most on this one!  Other than my counter in my kitchen, the house, for the most part, is tidy.  Now, free of cat hair?  That's a different matter entirely!
  5. REDUCE MY GROCERY BILL ... this has also been somewhat of a success.  The key here is that I am slowly eating less and less.  This is a good thing, trust me!
  6. VISIT THE PUBLIC LIBRARY WEEKLY ... yeah.  I will refer to Goal #1 for an explanation here.
  7. WRITE EVERY DAY!!!  Okay, it wasn't every day, but it was dang blasted close!  I am further ahead now than I was this time last year.  Then end may very well be in sight.
Over all, not bad.  Not good.  But not bad.  I am giving myself a passing grade ... just barely passing, but a passing grade none the less. 


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