1.)  I have an OVERWHELMING desire to decorate with mums and pumpkins and cornstalks and scarecrows.  Okay, I have had this desire for a while now.  I am a creature that likes change. Since Labor Day, the inside of my home has been bedecked and bedazzled with aforementioned fall decor items. I'm weird that way.  Yes, I LOVE summer, and I hate to see it leave, and long about January, I am going to be BEGGING for the oppressively humid days of a Kentucky summer, but for now, I love the sights and sounds of fall as it moves into my neighborhood.

2.) I am thinking about casseroles and chili's and stews and soups and hearty quiches.  I LOVE to cook and bake, and that seems to hit a fevered pitch at this time of year.  I reference the oppressively humid days of summer in Kentucky for an explanation of the lack of baking and cooking in my kitchen.

3.) Fires.  Rolling, glowing, crackling fires!  I love bonfires.  I love a glass of wine and a lovely fire in my fireplace.  It feels cozy, and who doesn't love cozy?

4.) Festivals!  Oh my goodness, I LOVE a good festival!  Harvesty and homespun and cozy and folksy and all those things that people from the big cities scoff at.  But I LOVE the idea of going to a Podunk place and celebrating forks in a river or spoon bread or bourgoo or sorghum or bourbon or apples or hometown days or WHATEVER it is that people land on that will bring folks together to celebrate.  I LOVE it.  

5.) The smells.  There is just something about fall.  It SMELLS like fall.  I don't know if it is the process of photosynthesis slowing down or the smell of earth and soil as living organisms all ready themselves for winter, but the smells are comforting to me!  Of course, the scents of ripened apples and tart apple cider and freshly made cinnamon doughnuts aren't so bad themselves!

6.) The sounds.  The sounds of fall are tempered by the slow crawl into winter.  No more excited birds rising with the sun.  Instead, those crickets chirp for all they're worth and the mournful sounds of ducks and geese moving southward fill the air.  It's quieter than spring, and yet, still so abuzz with the business of fall!

7.) Sweaters!  I love sweaters and cozy jeans and comfy khakis.  Mind you, come April, I will be DYING to shed the layers and put my wintery toesies into some freeing flip-flops.  But for now, hoodies and sweaters and the soft fabrics of long-sleeves are a welcome change of pace. 

8.) The first, tart taste of a Jonathan apple is my favorite!  That, by far, is one of my best childhood memories. 

9.) Albion College football games on the banks of the Kalamazoo River, reds, golds, oranges dapple the landscape beyond the field covered in purple and gold! It has been a long time since I've sat at one of those games....

I guess this is why I am glad for a place with seasons.  I will be tired of all of this long about November.  By January, I will be HATING the mittens and scarves and hats and heavy coats and boots.  But for now, I am welcoming the entrance of fall with the crisp, chilly air and all its pretty wonder. 


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