I am part of two writing groups, and today, I went to one of them. 

We always have a writing prompt we write to before we share what we've been working on.  Today's prompt was I am most looking for to _________ in the spring because __________.

Here's what I wrote:

I am most looking forward to Spring Break in the spring, because, let’s be honest here, the wheels have completely fallen off my organizational bus.  I mean, fallen off, whizzed off the side of the road and off into the pucker brush never to be seen again. 

During Spring Break, when the rest of the world tied to school, is off enjoying exotic locales, I am home pawing through my closets and basement and garage and, okay, my living room, and embarrassing myself with the sheer amount of STUFF I have.  There is very little rhyme nor reason to the stuff I find that needs a home … a home away from my home.

During one such undertaking a few years back, I uncovered the commemorative mini-wine glass from my high school prom … from May 1990, complete with the dust that collected in it from that same year, I am relatively sure!  Among the other notables, were ET trading cards, all the playbooks from my high school drama years, and four id cards from various jobs and/or universities I’ve attended and/or worked. 

The really horrifying part of this tale is that I didn’t get rid of any of it!  Just posted their existences on Facebook and steeled myself for the jokes at my expense.  I think perhaps I heard back from other friends that they had similar treasures in their attics/basements/junk rooms, which, of course, assisted me in the hoarding of those artifacts.

I have thrown away Scrunchies, much too far past the date of Scrunchie-ing, numerous boxes of old cough medicine in various forms of pill or liquid (what didn’t evaporate), barrettes from the 80s, and not one but TWO hot roller sets.  I haven’t needed hot rollers since I don’t even know when!

I blame my northern upbringing for this!  We use our garages for our cars, which means we have these big, ole basements just waiting to hold all of our old treasures and junk … or just plain crap!  I also blame our town’s annual Garbage Weekend.  It was a weekend where everyone cleaned out their basements from the year before and threw all manner of crap on the pile.  I never wanted anyone to see the stuff I’d been hoarding. 

That desire still very much stands.


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