Week in review

Whew! It's been a week.

Here's the short of it....

  • Many computer problems

  • Another lawn mowing session

  • Minor flower tending

  • Random tornado spawns

  • Dinner with friends

  • Birthday lunches

  • Birthday dinners

  • LOTS and LOTS of food

  • Food coma

  • Lowes visits galore ...

  • A plan of attack

  • A mental/emotional break-down

  • Pounds lost

  • Pounds gained

Here's the long of it ...


Monday dawned bright and beautiful and full of opportunity. And then I remembered that I'd somehow managed to get wrangled into helping run a three-day conference ... and I still didn't have the presentations done ... or started ... and there was laundry piling up ... and grass growing ... and a bed that needed to be made ... and a cat demanding food ... and coffee to be made .... and so I stayed in bed much longer than I should have.

As I recall, Monday was spent wallowing in self-pity because, let's face it, isn't it always helpful and super productive to wallow in self-pity? And possibly, I did work on my graduate school assignment.


Tuesday was the day that I decided I would stay home and be really, super productive. Well, actually, I was grounded due to taking my truck in for servicing. And then they forgot about me. And I had to call them at 4:25 p.m., and I had to be all, "Hey! So what's up with my truck?!" And they were all, "Oops! Yeah, it's done, and you need to come ASAP because we close at 5 p.m." And I was all, "HOLY CRAP!"

Thanks to Elly Gilbert for not only running her kids around, but me was well. Mine was the last vehicle checked out for the day, and my butt barely made it out the door as they were shutting off lights and computers and mechanical thingy-ma-bobs and locking the door behind me and stuff.

So, I got the graduate school assignment finished, and I did a fair amount of whining as well. Because, I mean, isn't it super helpful and productive to whine about your situation?

Oh! I had a break through on Monday -- so, of course, it's logical to mention this on Tuesday. I decided that I would formulate a plan to get to know Cute Appliance Dude. Oh, it's a crafty plan ... well, crafty for me. I will attach a slight warning to this plan in that it requires me to encourage my own laziness in the area of the kitchen, but hey! A girl must make sacrifices sometimes. The plan also involves me spending money ... in Lowes. My gosh! There is a marketing director out there just rubbing his/her hands together in a devilish way as they anticipate my next purchase in that store. There is a racket between the hardware stores of America and the Realtors of America. I'm convinced! This plan, finally, involves me just going for it and forgetting about fear. Grabbing the bull by the ... well, just grabbing the bull and running with it. Megan's on the prowl, boys. Watch out!


This was the day I'd dreaded all week. I was in full whine mode on Wednesday because I was meeting with everyone involved in the aforementioned three-day conference. You remember the one? The ill-fated day that I said, "Sure, I'll do a little weekend workshop to learn how to use technology in the classroom," and then, nine months later, said, "WHOA!? What do you mean I'm planning a three-day conference!?" Yeah, that one. I hate failure ... have a irrational fear of it. I've just not felt comfortable with this whole thing, and I just didn't want to get there and be all, "Yeah, so I suck. My presentations suck. Work during summer break sucks. High gas prices suck, and the fact that I just paid nearly $5 for this frozen lemonade, Panera, that sucks!"

As it turns out, there was a bright spot to my afternoon. That bright spot came in the form of making a man I know squirm like a worm (shout out to Tabitha Wainscott for that one) after waltzing in with his big, bad self, and realizing that I knew that he knew that I knew .... it was both awkward and funny at the very same time!

One Panera frozen lemonade ... $3.00 more than its worth.
Making one cheating, lying turd squirm ... PRICELESS


I went to my classroom to do some work and discovered that my school building was FILLED to overflowing with Kentucky State Police trainees. I'm STILL bitter over the fact that NO ONE ... not one person ... called me to inform me of this. This is something for which I would have stopped the whining! It's a DEFINITE situation!

Now I realize, in my advanced age, that the great majority of those men are super close to jail bait for me. However ..

  1. They are still nice to look at.

  2. Their field training officers are closer to my age and just as yummy!

... which brings me to my next rambling story ... FTO came out with the recruits while I was talking to one of my colleagues. FTO was ripped and fit and good-looking and ... GRAY! Yep, ladies and gentlemen, that is the age range I'm looking at these days.... Gray! As Carrie informed me, "Gray is HOT!" Yes, it is, but it's still gray. Let's move on to Friday; I'm depressing myself.


I spent the majority of the day in my truck running from meeting to meeting. But there were some fun parts throughout the day, namely celebrating ELLY GILBERT'S BIRTHDAY!!! We had lunch together AND dinner together. It was a great time, and once again, I am reminded of how blessed I am!

Here are some things that I've learned about myself today....

  • I've eaten WAAAAY too much today, and I will no longer need to eat the rest of the weekend.

  • Never wear white to a Japanese Hibachi Grill.

  • I have skills!! I can catch, with my mouth, pieces of chicken that the chef tosses at me with the spatula. Definite date night material, I am!

  • I LOVE ice cream cake!!!

  • I've eaten WAAAAY too much today, and I will no longer need to eat the rest of the weekend.

The week in review ... there you have it, folks. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to silently slip into a food coma ...


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