A Thanksgiving Cook's THANKFUL List

10.  A pampered chef chopper.  That invention is brilliant in my mind.  For instance, I don't have to spend the rest of the day smelling onion on my hands.

9.  Easy pour chicken broth.  I'm not sure whose idea that was, but I certainly hope you were paid handsomely for that little beauty!

8. Turkey farmers of America!  If any of my family members or friends had to rely on me to kill, pluck, dress, and dissect a turkey ... well, we'd be vegetarians.

7.  The turkey neck.  Seems I can make some sort of soup or broth in the coming days with that nasty mess.  Yay for me.

6. Glad Press 'n Seal.  OMG ... this stuff is the schizz-nitz!  I'm pressin' 'n sealin' all sorts of crap in my kitchen.  If the cat's not careful, she'll be next!

5. Ziploc plastic containers.  I realize this has put a dent in Tupperware's wallet, but seriously, people!  These containers have saved my bacon the other 364 days of the year as well.

4. Kentucky Brand Country Spice.  This little mixture of spices just could be my secret weapon this year...just sayin.'

3. Caffeine. I'm going to need it and in copious amounts when my Thanksgiving Day Turkey Wake Up Call finally hits me.  By the way, that's what I named the alarm on my Smart phone.  I'm clever like that.

2. Refrigeration.  This sort of goes along with my Number 1 reason to be a thankful Thanksgiving cook.  I mean, need I say more?

1. Electricity.  Thanks a million Thomas Edison for your work in furthering our modern day electricity.  Five hours and this bird will be done.  You rock, dude!


Napoleon Nalcot said…
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