Things I WISH I could have at my disposal at the snap of my fingers ... but, let's face it -- it's NEVER going to happen.

  1. A Starbucks kiosk in my classroom.  The mind reels at the level of productivity I would have if I had a kiosk in my room.
  2. A good-looking, tall, dark, and handsome type that would be available at a moment's notice for odd jobs around the house that I neither can do or care to do.  This list is a long one ... I might need to let him live in my basement or something.
  3. A personal chef ... I can cook.  I just never have the motivation to do so.
  4. A personal massage therapist. 
  5. A cat that actually listens to my directions and FOLLOWS them.
  6. A never-ending closet, wherein, I could open it up and new, hip, and exciting outfits would always pop out and be ready to go.  The closet would TOTALLY know the weather too.
  7. Let's extend the idea in #6 to a refrigerator.  I mean, really!?  Who wouldn't want that piece of handy technology?
  8. A running tab that someone else would be responsible to pay at the local bookstore.
  9. Endless amounts of time and energy to tackle all the latest and greatest schemes that pop into my head.
  10. Children in my presence that never whined or asked WHY NOT?, and were generally pleasant at all times. 


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