The 59th Gubernatorial Inauguration in Kentucky

 Today, it was decreed that we wouldn't have school in honor of the Gubernatorial Inauguration of Governor Steven Beshear.  Not being one to be left out of a good party, I decided to head downtown and take in the parade.  I LOVE parades.  LOVE THEM!!  I get teary-eyed while watching them, that's how much I LOVE parades.

Here are the photos I took before my camera, with fresh batteries, mind you, decided to stage a coup' and die on me.

Every county in the Commonwealth was represented in the way of marching bands as well as various dignitaries, etc. Here's just a bit of the parade ...

Hard to see it, but the Capitol is festooned in blue and gold bunting ... very festive!

LOVE a peaceful demonstration during a politically charged day.

And so it begins!  The parade is escorted by the Frankfort Police Department

US Army Color Guard

A better photo of the Colors

Yay for the Color Guard!
Army National Guard Band

Here comes the Governor and his First Lady!

Governor and Mrs. Beshear

Lt. Governor Abramson

Former Governors ... sort of a bunch of party poopers.  They showed up, but they didn't all ride the horsy carriage.

Mustang Troop from Lexington

It's not a parade in Kentucky without the Pooper Scooper Brigade!


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