Feeling the Merry

As a kid, I got sooooo excited at the mere thought of decorating for Christmas.  And by excited, I mean, losing my mind, out of control, over the top, flipping my lid, EXCITED! 

I could never understand why my mom grumbled and complained about the mess and why we always had to the ENTIRE house BEFORE the decorations came up and then why we had to clean AFTER they were put up and then why "if I hear you whine one more time, we will not be putting up decorations today" ...

And well, I've had my tree up for approximately four days.  Currently, it sits with lights.  Nothing more.  Just lights.  And it almost didn't have those. 

I have approximately seven bajillion boxes of decorations and ornaments and such down in the basement just waiting for The Great Dragging Up the Steps, but I just cannot seem to bring myself to do it.  I cannot seem to muster the strength at night to drag each and every bajillionth box up the steps. 

So there my bare-naked tree sits ... save for the pretty lights that I strung on it ... without saying too many bad words in the process, I promise. 

And I finally get it.  I really do!  I get why my mother huffed and puffed and practically stamped her feet at the thought of dragging out all of the decorations.  It wasn't because she was Scrooge or the Grinch or some hybrid of the two.

Decorating like a pro takes a lot out of a girl, and, quite frankly, I've not had enough in me to begin with ....

However, the plan tonight is simple. Go to Lowes and grab a power strip ... Go to Kroger and grab something frozen for dinner ... Go home and put on my jammies ... go to the fridge and pour a glass of wine ... Go to the basement and begin the dragging ... decorate the Charles Dickens out of my house.

Then I'll be feelin' the Merry ....


angelsroy33 said…
OMG! This is why I don't celebrate X-mas anymore! As an adult,(somewhat loosely I say that,)I just can't get myself to start decorating, thus the pressure gets to me, and I just scrap the whole thing! (For years now!)I totally understand, altho I can't seem to remember my mom grumbling about it,....ever. Hmmm.

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