Already Planning for October

It's been hot this summer.

Pretty much anyone that lives anywhere in the United States understands the above statement with a certain uncomfortable intimacy. 

All of the outdoor plans I had for the summer, wherein, I'd burn obscene amounts of calories weeding my flower beds into a pristine show-piece of glorious flowerdom, well, it all sort of melted away ... along with my resolve to clean my home office.

When I went home to Michigan a few weeks back, I found myself admiring my mom's butterfly garden, and it hit me.  I could do something like this. 

I took some photos ... not great photos ... but they are stiring the creative, gardening juices.  And I will be sure to start tackling this new project ... just as soon as it cools off ... in about two months ... about the same time I get buried alive by something(s) in my home office, and I'm forced to clean that hot mess out. 

Soooo ... when you see me out on the East West Connector tossing rocks into the back of my truck, you won't worry now.  You'll understand what I'm up to.


Mom said…
The big tall plant (sunflower) is now just a stalk! And there are empty spaces because the bunnies and/or woodchucks ate what I planted last year.

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