What I am musing about today is the mail, and more specifically, the computer databases that companies use to market to you.

When we arrived in Michigan, it was mid-afternoon, and Ann and I were soooooo ready to be out of my the truck.  We pulled into the driveway of our parents' house, and there was a motorcycle parked there.

"What? Did Dad buy a bike?"  Ann sarcastically mumbled.

"I bet it's their renter."  I thought I remembered Dad mentioning he had a bike.  Sure enough, we walked into the house, and mom and dad's renter and his girlfriend were in the living room chatting.  We went through introduction, shook hands, and then their renter said, "We actually came out to bring something to you."

"HUH?"  I just met them, and they're bringing me gifts?  Had Michigan collectively gone through Southern hospitality classes while I was away?

"Yeah, your dad mentioned you'd be here, and we got something in the mail for you the other day.  Looks like it might be something you'd need ... for your classroom and such."

And that's when his girlfriend pipes in, "Yeah, Really Good Stuff."

"Yep!  And the catalog is filled with really good stuff."

People.  Dear Readers.  For the past six years, I have been receiving COUNTLESS, and by countless, I mean, seriously obscene, amounts of catalogs from the company REALLY GOOD STUFF.  Every time I turn around, there is not one, not two, but sometimes THREE catalogs from this company stuffed into my mailbox at school.  I maybe have purchased one thing from them, but I am a catalog recipient for life, let me tell you.  And not only do I get these catalogs at school, but for some reason, I've started receiving them at home as well.  Not to the extent that I do at school, but give 'em some time.  Their marketing blitz will catch up, and if I'm not careful, I could be buried alive!

Prior to moving down here to Kentucky, nothing!  Never received one.  Had no idea what REALLY GOOD STUFF was all about.  So that is what is soooo puzzling about Logan and his girlfriend actually receiving not one but two OF THE SAME CATALOG at my old house. The same old house that I've not resided in for the past SIX YEARS.  SIX.  Count them.  One, two, three, four, five, six ... six years!  And here's the other kicker, the two catalogs they received in the mail with my name on them?  I received them at school ... two of them. Same "really good stuff" in both of them.

Had I not recycle 3/4 of the catalogs, I could have placed one in each of the bathrooms here at the house, one in the staff bathroom, and still had a catalog to order REALLY GOOD STUFF from, should I have been moved to do so.

I don't know about you, but it seems they're single-handedly killing a small forest somewhere with all the paper they are using to send me all of these catalogs.  I might have stumbled onto a solution to the hole in the ozone layer ... hmmmmmm.


Miss B. said…
Meg - you can eliminate a lot of catalogs through the website check it ou!

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