Today didn't turn out at all how I planned.  In fact, this whole weekend didn't turn out exactly as planned.

You know what they say ... the best laid plans and all that.

I planned to get amazing amounts of stuff done on Friday afternoon and evening so I could have the whooooooole long weekend stretched out in front of me.

That didn't happen.  Instead, I met my sister for dinner at one of our favorites, Melissa's Cottage Cafe, and we spent a fun evening laughing and talking and just having a good time doing next to nothing.

Saturday, I planned to get grading done and clean and organize my house.

That didn't happen. Instead, I laid around and just relaxed.  I can't remember the last time I did that ... just laid around and did nothing.  I thought about doing stuff, but I really did nothing.

Sunday, I planned to wash my truck, mow my lawn, and get some physical exercise.

That didn't happen.  Instead I had lunch with friends and dinner with my church family.  It was fueling ... frustratingly fun-filled ... but mainly fueling.

Today, I planned to spend a luxurious day hanging with my sister and enjoying the extra day off.

That didn't happen.  Instead, I ended up with a headache and spent the day slowly making my way through two rooms and deep cleaning (as well as stopping and relaxing) as I thought through big thoughts and worked through lots of STUFF,inside my head.

I am feeling very nostalgic today ... summer has officially ended (although, someone needs to tell Mother Nature that ... whew!  The humidity!).  That means we are moving into the holiday season, which is ALWAYS difficult for this terminally single girl.

I find myself longing for the freshness of Spring despite the fact that I am enjoying the thought of crisp nights with cozy fires.

I'm experiencing a bit of a Labor Day Dichotomy.


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