I was initially bummed when I realized that today would be a rainy, cold day.  I had outdoor plans ... outdoor plans in the way of proving to my neighbors that I do care about my lawn.

But who are we kidding? I only marginally care about my lawn. On odd days and full moons.  Just joking ... maybe.

Today, I've decided, is the day I am going to knock out some work for work. There are numerous projects hanging over my head, and I want to get them away from my head ... or at least, not so close to my head.

It's also going to be the day that I finish this cursed laundry and finally hang up ALLLLLL the clothes I've been tossing over chairs and door knobs and such.

It's also going to be the day that I read ... and if that leads to a nap, so be it.

Rainy days remind me that I need to stop and enjoy the quiet moments as much as the hectic busy ones.

So, bring on the rain!  I am ready for ya!


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