So, as my summer break winds down, and I anticipate the break-neck speed of another academic year, I feel like I need to go on record as saying that I need something to remind me of the work I've done this summer.

I need something that I can look at ... that jogs my brain when I feel like things begin to careen out of control ... when I run into the negative Nellies, the joy suckers ... when I feel like the light I see at the end of the tunnel is going to run me over and leave me for dead.

Melodramatic much?

Listen, if you know me at all, you already know the answer to that question!

So, what is that reminder, you ask?  

AWARENESS. That is my reminder. Awareness. The word that will ring that internal alarm and make me stop and think: aWaReNeESs

I need to be aware when I am being asked to put myself on the back burner for someone else's needs or wants, and I need to be strong enough to say no.

I need to be aware when I am feeling out of control and be willing to step back to keep things from spinning wildly out of gear.

I need to be aware of my body's need for exercise, for rest, for quiet, for de-cluttering, and I need to act accordingly.

I need to be aware of other people's attitudes and be strong enough to step away from the negative attitudes as well as to embrace and celebrate the positive attitudes.

I need to be aware of moments when I am being sucked into someone else's chaos, and I need to have the strength to walk away.

I need to be aware of the beautiful moments in my life and celebrate them, however little and insignificant they may seem to others.

I need to be aware.

Awareness ...


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