Today is my unofficial last day of summer break.

It is sad, but all good things must come to an end right?

No!  They don't!  I won't let them! It's not happening!

Long about this point in the blog, faithful reader, you are sitting there shaking your head, because, I am sure, you think I've lost my mind. Am I right?

Stick with me here ...

I know summer break has to end.  That is the way of education. However, not all good things HAVE to end.  Some good things can morph into new good things ... they can be replaced by more good things ... different good things ... things that will all work to make memories and moments in this life.

Life moves along.

There is nothing we can do to stop it. There's no magic potion to slow it down, and there's no fountain of youth to lengthen its span.

It is what it is; a dynamic, living, breathing thing that moves us along. It carries great highs and the lowest of lows. But still it moves along.

And then, just like that, other good things can begin (again) ... like a fresh crop of fourth graders ready to learn ... like watching former fourth graders find their wings and soar ... like hanging with friends that you love like family ... like tackling challenges head on with positive outlooks with the hopes of realizing positive results ... like showing by example that life doesn't have to be all storm clouds and gray; it can be fun amidst the crazy ... like letting life move us along, but while we are, appreciating all that the little moments have to offer.

I watched someone close to my circle of friends laugh and joke and cut up today. Not so significant unless you know the back story -- he lost the love of his life not too long ago. That's a devastating blow. A blow that is hard from which to recover. And yet, life moves on, whether we like it or not. Seeing him laugh ... seeing him tell stories about his wife ... seeing him cut up ... it was a precious thing to witness.

Life moves along ... so do we.

Nope.  I will not be sad for the end of summer break because where there is an end, there is always a new beginning.

I have no clue what this new beginning has in store for me, but I am anticipating it ... welcoming it ... embracing it ... because ...

Life moves along.


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