"Wow!  The difference is amazing!"

"Really," I said, a bit unconvinced. "It's that noticeable?"

"Yes!  You hold yourself differently.  You smile more.  You seem more relaxed."

That was what I was told recently about my, apparently, noticeable difference in countenance during the past few months.

According to this individual, at the end of the year, I was barely making it.

I didn't realize that.  I mean, I knew I was tired.  But barely making it ... I didn't realize it.

As a caveat, she pointed out that I had a rough year.  I mean, I know it was rough, but I powered through it. I guess I didn't realize that it had weighed as heavily upon me as it had ... that it was THAT noticeable.

I just powered through it.

So, yeah, yeah, yeah.  Rough year. Powered through it. Exhaustion. I'm not the only one that has been there and done that.  Plenty of people power through it.

The biggest difference for me is staying physically active.  If I am not physically active, I lose control.

It's that simple.

Endorphins do amazing things for our bodies. but for me, it does AMAZING things for my mind.

That mind-body connection is for realsies, and I've been ignoring one or both for a long time.

For me, being able to deal with stupid people and silly people and insecure people and people who are not looking out for my best interest ... well, the key is to keep myself physically active.

I am feeling the difference. I am feeling what it's like to be of sound mind and body.

Strength isn't wholly physical, and it isn't wholly mental.  Strength is both physical AND mental.

This year, I will need to work really hard to make that connection stick.


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