Finding your niche

Today, I saw some gorgeous, glistening water ... I saw sun-burned skin ... I saw massive boats and a sea of humanity on the shore line ... I saw a full moon in broad daylight!

Yep! A full moon!

Apparently, there is something of a local legend in South Haven who loves nothing better than to sport a thong and run around his yard in it. Nothing but a thong ...

Near as I can tell from the research I've done, he's a bit of a performance artist.

That's fine.

To each their own.

I mean, if you want to wrap your dingus up in a sock-like cover all decked out in red, white, and blue, be my guest!

I just need to mention that I've now seen what gravity does to the human body, and it's not pretty ... or artful ... and I need to be scared ... very, very scared!

This has me wondering, though. There seems to be a whole market out there waiting to be tapped ... a Dingus Cover market! Knitters all over could be knitting Wee-Wee Cozies .... And I can see my motto now:

We've Got Your Dingus Covered!

Is this not brilliant?

Don't you see me making wads and wads of cash on this endeavor? I could travel the Nudist Camp circuit ... sorta like those Renaissance Fairs. I mean, I've got summers off, and starting next summer, I will have a lot of free time on my hands, what with my anticipated graduateschool completion. And I've always wanted to sock some money away (pun definitely NOT intended) for a fun beachy vacation.

This seems like a perfect plan .. way better than painting driftwood!

How does one begin a business plan on Socks for Your Dingaling?


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