Murray's Magical Muggles

The coffee maker is set ... my new dress is hanging, ready to go ... my Spanx are laid out (yes, I said Spanx -- must contain all my "stuff" seeing as first impressions are everything) .... a pretty crappy lunch is packed ....the cat has been fed .... my face is washed ... my teeth are brushed ... plans are as done as they will be ...
I guess the 2011-2012 school year can begin.

My tenth year ... somewhere in Lexington, my sister is chanting in a sing-songy voice, "YOU ARE OLD, YOU ARE OLD, YOU ARE OLD!" Despite that poor slip in judgement, she did quite a bit to help me get ready, inspiring me with my classroom theme MURRAY'S MAGICAL MUGGLES. Her Harry Potter glasses, magic wands, and amazing door design are amazing!
I think it turned out pretty dag-gone good, if I do say so myself. Okay, yes, I didn't do much creatively. I was relegated to scissor duty, after it was determined that I was hopeless when it came to fashioning pipe cleaner glasses. Well, I mean, I can't be perfect at EVERYTHING.

Despite my lack of a crafty gene, I'm here to say: "Here's to a magical year with loads of fun and lots of learning! I want my 10th year to be the best year yet!"

And thanks, Anniebee, for helping to get it started on the right foot! You're the craftiest!


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