Summer Vacation

So. I'm midway through my summer vacation, and I'm depressed.

I feel like I've spent the first half of my time stressing about EVERYTHING.

Grad school assignments? STRESS!

Saying yes to waaaay too many things? STRESS!

Not enough good weather to do outdoor projects? STRESS!

Too much good weather to get outdoor projects done? STRESS!

Burying library books and forgetting about them? STRESS!

Not enough days in the week? STRESS!

Too many days in the week? STRESS!

Too many fire flies? STRESS!

Not enough fire flies? STRESS!

It's ridiculous, really .... all this stress. What did you do for your vacation? Oh nothing much ... just STRESSED!

Yeah, I'm putting a moratorium on stress. From now until August 1st, I am going to work to be cool as a cucumber!

Of course, I might need to be heavily sedated and put into a straight jacket ....


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