Mid-Week Confessions

Okay, okay, I am jumping on the MIDWEEK CONFESSIONAL band wagon.  I will take it as a purging of the soul for the evening ... or a rationalization of all the things I've screwed up this week.

  1. I have worn the same work-out clothes for three days in a row.  I'm pretty sure there's some sort of memorandum at the Center for Disease Control about that, but whatever.  At least, I am exercising!
  2. I got mad when I weighed in at Weight Watchers last night and discovered I'd gained 1.4 lbs, and I, yes, admittedly, pouted.  A 40 year old woman does, in fact, pout.  I've done it frequently this week ... and last week ... and the week after that.
  3. I've secretly harbored the desire to punch people in the face for no other reason than it would make me feel better.
  4. I have washed the same load of laundry five times because I keep forgetting it in the washing machine.
  5. I resent people who are spending inordinate amounts of time explaining, in detail, their anticipated beach vacations.  I can barely afford a wading pool for my side yard.  
  6. I wanted to punch the WEED MAN representative out knocking on doors this evening.  His mere existence and need to make money, made me want to really do bodily harm.  I have been bugged all day long.  
  7. I worked on my graduate school project during a time I should have been organizing and cleaning my classroom.  Shoot me!


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