I Hate My Grill

I am not a Grill Master.  I admit it.  The more I attempt to use my charcoal grill, the more obvious it becomes.  Today, I decided upon a lovely round steak with a fresh tomato, onion, olive oil and garlic rice vinegar garnish, and some grilled bell peppers and onions.

I got that thing roaring, after I soak the charcoal down in lighter fluid.  It was just roaring away.  However, my fatal error was closing the lid and allowing the vents to be open ... I foolishly thought that would allow oxygen into the grill, thus allowing the fire to keep going.

It died.

So, my steak was fried in an iron skillet stove top as were the peppers and onions.  It still tasted very good, but man!  I was soooo looking forward to some grilled steak tonight.


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