Using the Old Noggin' for Something More than a Hat Rack

I have not been using the common sense God gave me, and that seems rather interesting considering I was just complaining about someone else who didn't use the good sense God gave them. 

See.  When you point out the sliver in your neighbor's eye, when you've got a big ole plank in your own ... well, you see where this is headed, right?

Common sense just hasn't been my forte' lately.  Period.

You need examples, you say?

Well, there was the cell phone ring tone today.  Our principal, Mr. Harley, has a motorcycle ring tone.  No joke.  It revs its motor (so to speak) every time someone calls.  Today, Mr. Harley was in my classroom with the entire fourth grade team for a meeting with the kiddos, and his phone rang.  One of my kids shouts, "OH!  I get it!" 

I sat at my desk, thinking, "What is there to get?"

Then I hear my student explain to one of the girls at his table, "Don't you get it?  His name is Harley?  That's the sound of a Harley revving its engine?  Get it?" 

Sadly, it took me one year and 4 days and a fourth grader for me to get that one.

And then there is the whole grill debacle.

I decided I was going to grill a chicken breast tonight.  So, I set about procuring the self-light charcoal from the basement and preparing the grill for lighting. Only, the charcoal would start to light and then fizzle out ... over and over and over and over again.

Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Zero.  Zilch.

Annoyed, I turned on the oven and prepared myself to heat up the house, and that's when it occurred to me.  That perhaps, just maybe, storing my charcoal on the floor of my basement, where things get damp ... often ... might not be the best thing for that charcoal. 

You see.  My ability to logically, commonsensically process simple tasks is failing me. 

Back to school brain?

One never knows, but some where in Michigan, my dad is shaking his head as he looks at my mom and says, "She needs a keeper."


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