What Did I Get For My Long Weekend? Hurricane Isaac!

So, it's another Labor Day Weekend ... this year marks my sixth Labor Day Weekend in Kentucky. 

Six!?  Where does the time go?

I've blogged before about the fact that, in Michigan, Labor Day Weekend is akin to a HIGH HOLY DAY ... or rather numerous HIGH HOLY DAYS because most of the state's population migrates Up North to a cottage, cabin, tent, camper, or RV for what can only be described as a sort of right of passage into the Autumnal rollercoaster that is Fall in Michigan. 

It's been said -- and it's all true -- that you can go to a football game in Michigan, and experience all four seasons.  I am living proof that this does, in fact, occur, on a semi-regular basis.  Many a college football game I've sat through where that has been the case.

Okay ... so maybe not MANY ... a few.  A few college football games I've sat through have been fraught with all four seasons in one. 

But on Labor Day Weekend, you can be assured that as the last of the summer breezes blow across the lake, and the first of the golden-orange leaves begin to billow, there will be sun and fun and one last hurrah at a lake some where!  Today, on interstates all over Michigan, the traffic will be flowing in one general direction ... NORTH!

So, of course, I am celebrating the end of summer with the remmants of Hurricane Isaac, who plans to whirl and blow up here to the Bluegrass State, wherein, he will sit and stall for a bit, raining down upon us much needed rain.  It's as if the Fates are conspiring and saying, "Alright girlfriend! Time to get that office of yours cleaned and organized one last time.  You have, after all, lived there just under two years!  No time like the present!"

So, fine, Isaac!  I will take your rain, because we desperately need it.  And I will see you one clean and organized house ... maybe ... if I can get through my stack of books I really want to read ... and that pile of junk mail ... and the old clothes that still need to go to Goodwill ... and ...

Happy Labor Day Weekend, one and all!  And welcome FALL, which, really, feels like a lot like summer here in Kentucky.  So, I guess I'm sorta lucky that way!


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