So, I just finished Fannie Flagg's All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion last night.  I lead a book club in my home, and this was the book we chose to read for our upcoming meeting.  
That brings me up to FIVE books in my READ SOME BOOKS IN 2014 book challenge.  Go me!

Listen, don't judge haters.  I am FINALLY (insert sing-songy voice here) out of my reading slump and am FINALLY (insert same sing-songy voice) regaining my reading mo-jo.  

I still have five more days of SPRING BREAK left, and a huge stack of books to get through.  I am confident I can power through and add a few more titles to the list.  Plus, it's only April.  I still have approximately nine more months to really knock your 100% vegan-fed, Sherpa wool socks off.  

Give me time.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a nice, easy, entertaining read, you must pick up Fannie Flagg's book.  It will make you love the Greatest Generation and the South!


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