I have read four more books!  I am so proud of myself,and I am SOOOOO in love with my Kindle. Go ahead.  Wind up the "I TOLD YOU SO's."  I deserve it.

For your information, I have read MADE TO CRAVE by Lysa TerKeurst, AFTER HER by Joyce Maynard, THE BEST MEDICINE by Tracy Brogan, and GUIDEBOOK TO MURDER by Lynn Cahoon.

So, let me get the cheesiest of the list out of the way first.  THE BEST MEDICINE?  Soooooooooooo chock full of cheese, I needed some chips.

Okay, that line I just wrote?  Cheese city.  But y'all, the romance genre?  I am really, really not a fan.  However, every so often, I need a book that doesn't require me to think, and this one fit the bill.  Plus, this author, a Michigander, sets her novels in Michigan, and she gave a nod to my alma mater, Albion College, so there's that.  If you need a beach read that allows you to turn your mind off, pick this (or any of her other books) up.

Second to the cheesiest, is GUIDEBOOK TO MURDER.  I do enjoy a mystery, and this was a good, old-fashioned, non-mind-blowing, but still mildly entertaining mystery.  The first half of the book had me yawning, due to the cheese, but the second book, I enjoyed.  It's a series, so I will probably read the rest for kicks and giggles and funsies.

MADE TO CRAVE?  This is a non-fiction title -- not my favorite genre.  However, it was a book I needed to read ... a book that nailed me between the eyes ... it got me thinking ... it made me reevaluate ... it made me realize how much I needed the DISCIPLINE this year.  OY VEY!  Isn't it fun when God does that?

Finally, I end with Joyce Maynard's book AFTER HER.  I have to admit, I was super excited to read this after enjoying LABOR DAY soooooooo, so, so much.  However, I was severely disappointed in the first 60 to 70% of the book.  It wasn't until the end that I was all, "OH!  I get it!  Now, I understand why she spent the first 60 to 70% of the book writing it as she wrote it!"  Getting that made the book that much more enjoyable for me.

This is my third Joyce Maynard novel I've read, and I must say, she's definitely a good, solid author.  I highly recommend her.

Well, folks, off to read some more.  It's Spring Break, after all, and I don't feel the least bit guilty for cuddling up to some more titles.

Happy Last Day of March!


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