February didn't go so well.

If you want to know the truth, January didn't go so well either.

I wasn't sure March would be any better, and then I saw MCFARLAND, USA.  Y'all, if you've not seen this movie, you must.  Period.  End of story.

There are SOOOOOOO many lessons to be learned from this Disney movie.   Listen, I am both a literature student and an educator.  Picking apart books and movies, the analysis of such things?  It's going to happen.  It is ABSOLUTELY going to happen.

What I walked away from last night was that my life has been a cake walk compared to so many others in the world ... heck!  In this country!  My American Dream is so much different from so many others.  My dream has come true.  Others?  Still just an unapproachable dream. What hit me the hardest was that despite all my whiny attempts to validate why things don't happen, the characters I met in this movie had so much more discipline than I ever dreamed of having. Many of those kids picked in the early morning hours, headed off to school, spent a full day in classes, headed back home to pick some more, and then had cross country practice all before doing their homework!

Yeah, I have a lot to learn from those whose American Dreams are so further out of reach for them than mine.

I've been inspired.  I've been convicted.  I will strive to better this month.  I have to.


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