February Discipline Update

Well, it's Sunday, March 1st.  Were you aware of that?  That it's March first already?

There I go again .... blinking.

So, DISCIPLINE ... yeah, not so much.  I wish it was easier, being disciplined.  It's sooooo much easier being a lazy schlub, you know?

I'm STILL at my highest weight.
My house is still not completely clean and organized.
My difficulty with staying up past, oh, you know, 7 p.m., is still a problem.
I still struggle with portion control and television consumption and every thing that just isn't good for me.

Progress is slow, y'all.  SLOOOOOOOOW.

It hasn't helped that it has been so cold and snowy and dreary and just plain yuck outside.  It also doesn't help that work has been difficult and frustrating and defeating and just blaaaah.

The struggle is real ....

However, in a moment of brilliance today, I decided to reorganize my dresser drawers.  I read some where just recently that if you put the clothes UP instead of stacking on TOP of each other, you allow yourself more room ... plus, you can SEE everything in your drawer.

Y'all!  This is pure brilliance!  BRILLIANCE!!!

Here is the finished product of my three dresser drawers.


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