If you're a Mitten-born human, Memorial Day Weekend is the OFFICIAL start of summer.  Oh sure.  There are still a few more weeks of school ... there are graduations and open houses and stuff like that.  But if you grew up in Michigan, you know that Memorial Day Weekend is when every one makes a mass journey North (capitalization intended) to open up cottages and put the dock and boat in. Once those items are ticked off the TO DO list, Summer is here.

If you don't own a cottage but love to camp, this is the first weekend of many that you travel to a rustic destination where you hook up the RV or camper or fifth wheel or pop the tent and enjoy a weekend of sun and water and campfires and fun.

I live in the Bluegrass State now, and have for almost 11 years (which seems INSANE when I think about it!). But my heart strings tug every time Memorial Day Weekend rolls around.  I am eager to go to a lake some where ... listen to the waves lap onto the shore line ... light a bonfire and walk away smelling of fire and sunblock and mosquito spray.

There's a part of me that hankers for a spontaneous trip somewhere .... somewhere close to the water ... to a campfire ... where the trees are tall and the scent of cedar hangs in the air ... I even long for those monster mosquitoes!  The ones that are so big they could pick you up and carry you back into the woods.

I love every season!  They each have some redeeming factor that sets them apart from each other.  However, there is something about a summer stretching out in front of you that is just almost heart-stopping.

I'm like a kid again seeing all the possibilities a summer has to offer me....

Welcome Summer!  You've been missed.


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