A Day at Boyd's Orchard and the resulting craftiness

A pile o' pumpkins

Porch-sittin' in the sun -- what could be better?

Golden sunshine in a pot ... BEAUTIFUL!

My purchases!

I LOVE quaint.  Please just wrap it up and put it in my truck!
A paintbrush and some acrylic black paint, and I'm Martha Stewart.  Okay, I aspire to Martha Stewart ... more like Martha-in-Training.

Monogrammed pumpkins! Brilliant, right?

Why not add some polka dots?

Of course, Emmy needs a monogrammed pumpkin that's just her size!

A family that monograms together, stays together.

And then I got really wild and crazy and painted a witch's hat on another pumpkin.  Watch out, Martha!

Emmy is giving her approval to her pumpkin.

She's planning on when, in the middle of the night, she's going to knock them off and bat them around the living room. I'm wondering when they will start rotting.

A Halloween portrait.

Bedecked for the "holidays."

A close up ... so you can really be in awe of the "talent."

The OFFICIAL Halloween portrait.  


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