Inside the Grand Ole Opry

I took this photo for two reasons:  1. I LOVE Darius Rucker, and 2. It summed up what new aritsts feel performing at the Opry for the first time. 

These guitar picks were inlaid in the floor in front of all of the dressing rooms.

One of the dressing rooms ... I think for the new performers.

A dressing room dedicated to all the performers that have traveled in the USO.

Gotta love the matching boot and shirt combo! The "backwards" poster is actually the imprint the company in Nashville, still in business and printing stuff today, used to print the performance posters.  Apparently, you can still get vintage posters printed.  Ummmm .... that would be cool.  Just sayin' ...

The Ladies Dressing room ... much prettier than this photo lets on.

Cole Porter's dressing room.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't he seem a bit Liberace in his decor?  Those chairs were TOTALLY 'blinged" out.  Not even joking. Not one little bit.

The Green Room where all the stars wait to go on stage.  They have SUPER comfy chairs!

A mural painted by a famous Opry member (can't remember who now).  If you look real closely, you can see the water line caused by the Flood of May 2010.

Bluegrass residents getting our photos taken in front of the Bluegrass dressing room.

May the Circle Be on Unbroken ... yes, I stood on it ... same place that Johnny Cash stood.  I'm now officially cool.

Pew seating in the Grand Ole Opry ... it looked like church too, which might be why the people in our group acted like this was a religious experience.

The Grand Ole Opry Stage ... with dude getting a balloon drop thingy ready.


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