A Night on Country Music Row -- A Reflection

Tonight, I risked ear drum damage and possibly damage to my questionable reputation, to spend an evening with one of my best buddies listening to music ... country music, Bluegrass music, old country, Rockabilly, Blues, and anything else to be exact in as many bars, saloon, and dive joints as we could possibly find.

We weren't there to raise H. E. double hockey sticks.  Nope!  Not us.  We were truly interested in listening to music, and, let's be honest here, do some serious people watching!  The people we encountered did NOT disappoint.

 I mean, take this gentleman here ... we named him Tight White Jeans.  He spent the entire time we were at this particular bar, dancing himself into a frothy frenzy.  It was a sight to be seen ... one burned into our brains, and we were unable to remove it for some time ...

And then there was this couple.  They were wearing matching coveralls, and they could clog the shoes off anyone in that place!  They rocked it ... so to speak.

As soon you can see, Erin and I had a fantastic time!  Here we are smiling away, probably having just spent a good amount of time screaming and hollering for the band, Tight White Jeans, and the German line dancers .... oh yes, there were line dancers ... from Germany ... wearing American flags on their western wear outfits.

The ambiance of these places was beyond cool! Just look at this place!  Full of memorabilia and craziness ...

.... like the shelves and shelves of boots in every shape and color!  This was the shelf I was sitting next to ... lots of gray and black and red boots.  The wall was FULL of them!

And for those over-beveraged among us, I am pretty sure this is what the band and the bar and the dancers all looked like through the lenses of the beer goggles.


Mom to 11 said…
I was just there 2 weeks ago for a conference - it looks like you are having much more fun than I had.

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